Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #2 - Back-to-school fun

Thirteen Things about getting ready for my kids going back to school!

Since there are less than 3 weeks left now, here are 13 phone calls I need to make (and get) before school starts:

  1. Make haircut appointments for the girls and I. Well not Becca as she still doesn’t have enough hair to cut!

  2. Call the school to find out when the open house is scheduled for since we haven’t gotten any kind of letter yet. Ask about school supply lists since we haven’t gotten any of those (yet?) either.

  3. Call the bus garage and make sure they got our daycare information in time so that the girls can be dropped off at daycare right on the first day.

  4. Depending on the outcome of #3, possibly call around trying to find someone who could pick Abby up and take her to daycare if the bus can’t do it right away.

  5. Call to get an appointment to have Abby tested. Ron and I had a long talk about it last night and decided to go ahead with testing so that we can maybe get help with finding strategies to help her socialize easier and stay focused.

  6. Call eye doctor to confirm Abby’s next appointment, which happens to be right after school lets out on the first day.

  7. Wait for call from Abby’s soccer coach to tell us when practices will start. Hope that practices aren’t scheduled on Tuesdays or Wednesdays when we have church commitments.

  8. Call my mom to find out if she might be able to help buy the girls' school shoes (or anything else she might be inclined to buy, lol), like she did last year. Hoping she says yes!

  9. Call our neighbors and friends to see if anyone can watch the girls during the soccer parent meeting on the 28th and if anyone can watch Becca during the school open house, whenever that is (obviously have to complete #2 first!).

  10. Call our neighbor who watched Abby (for free!) for the 15 minutes between when I had to leave in the mornings last year and when the bus came, to see if she's willing to take on both Abby and Hannah this year for us.

  11. Call my friend Kristi to see about getting together a few fun playdates for all the kids before school starts.

  12. Call to find out about school lunch information (cost, menus, etc.) for Abby so we can decide whether to do school lunches or make lunches for her to take.

  13. Call my doctor on Friday to get seen for this darn sinus infection so that I'll feel well enough and have the energy for #1-12...
It's going to be a busy few weeks!

I found a site that has a great list of 7 tips to help survive the start of the school year, and I think it's good to remember these in all the rush to get things done...

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16 wonderful people said...:

WendyWings said...

Our back to school rush is always at the end of Januaray, our school year runs differently here :)
Have a good Thursday

la bellina mammina said...

ours have started at the end of June as the kids go to the local school. Boy, you sound busy!!

Damozel said...

Wow, moms today are something special. I can't imagine my mom checking up on the school lunches or making lunch for me! It's a busy time for moms; lots of T13s are all about gearing up for the start of school!

Tink said...

No school rush for me anymore! ;-) You have to do quite a lot, but you've started in time!
My TT is about BED.

I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Great list... good luck with that. Happy T13, I hope to see you over at mine.

Suprina said...

I just love back to school shopping and such.

My kids started last week.
Good Luck with getting your list accomplished.

Happy TT!

Kelly said...

I use to LOVE the back to school time! Tell them to enjoy it...

crazy working mom said...

Best of luck to you. Your three girls are adorable. :)

Thanks for dropping by my TT.

MamaLee said...

Rushing around here as well.

Happy TT!

Gabriella Hewitt said...

Hope you feel better to get all this done.

Janet said...

I'm tired just reading your list!

Denise Patrick said...

I hope you get everything accomplished. Good luck on Abby's testing.

Christine said...

Good Luck with crossing things to do off your list!

It's been a busy week around here. Looks like you're going to be real busy too.

Have a great Thursday!

Natalie said...

Your list reminds me of more things I need to do.... oh no! :)

Happy TT!

katy said...

Thanks. You reminded me of some things I need to get done before school starts for my three boys - haircuts are a BIG one!

My TT is about my kids, too. Have a great weekend.


Samantha & Tigger said...

Wow!! Mom says she is glad both her children are grown and out on their own!! Great T13! Thanks for visiting out blog.