Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cute Hannah story and a busy week for Abby...

So, cute story from the other night. Yes, it’s potty-training related again (sort-of), but it’s a good one. Ron came home late almost every night last week so he didn’t get to see the girls before bedtime. Friday night Abby waited up for him (not by my choice – she just wouldn’t go to sleep) so he did get to see her briefly before sending her back to bed. He went in to kiss Hannah good night and her pajama pants were wet (she’d wet the bed two nights earlier in the week but has generally been dry lately otherwise). So he grabbed one of the few pull-ups that were left in her drawer and quickly changed her into it and just left her in the pajama top and pull-up. She was awake enough to ask to come and snuggle in our bed, so he brought her in bed with us for a while. I woke her up closer to morning and had her go back to her own bed.

When Abby and Hannah came in to wake me up on Saturday morning, the very first thing that Hannah said to me was, “Mommy, my pants fell off of me last night!”. Apparently she hadn’t quite been awake when Ron changed her and hadn’t noticed the lack of pants when she went back to her bed later on. When I explained that Daddy had changed her pants when he got home, I got a big “Ohhhhhh!” as if the world again made sense to her. I can imagine that it would be somewhat disconcerting to go to sleep with pajama pants on but then to wake up with no pants on!

Busy, busy week for Abby this week. Every evening this week she’s going to KidsGames, which is the community-wide vacation bible school program that our church is helping sponsor. She had a blast last night but since it runs until 9pm every night and her usual bedtime is 8pm, she’s going to be a tired munchkin by the end of the week, I’m sure. Also, the supervised playground program through our school district started yesterday so she goes to the elementary school across the street from our daycare from 9-12am and then again most days from 1-4pm. On Tuesday afternoons they bus the kids over to the middle school for swimming and on Thursday afternoons they have field trips. I’m not comfortable with every one of the field trips but she can go on some of them. Have I mentioned that this is FREE?! And our daycare provider is being very flexible and only charging us for the hours that Abby is actually at daycare. So some weeks she will cost us more than she did during the school year (since she was in kindergarten for only half-days), some weeks she’ll cost us the same and some weeks will actually be cheaper. Wow. August will be hard since the supervised playgrounds will be done and we’ll have to pay full price for her that month until school starts, but since she’ll be in 1st grade this fall and Hannah will be in Young 5’s (like pre-K) for half-days, our daycare bill will go down somewhat considerably then, so we’ll just have to manage for August. Abby will also be going crazy without the extra stimulation (she’s a child that needs to be constantly challenged, so she’s much happier when school is in session), but thankfully they do have activities every day at daycare and I will try to keep her as busy at home as I can too in the evenings. One more of the 50,000 reasons that I wish I didn’t have to work full-time…

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