Thursday, July 12, 2007

And the Bad Mommy award goes to...

Ok, so I’ve been the recipient of this one before – after all, who hasn’t at one time or another. Kids are kids and accidents happen. I’m just glad that this one wasn’t bad – I’m still determined that Becca will be my first child to reach the age of 3 without having had stitches. Of course, she’s my daredevil, fearless child so that’s probably a futile wish considering that my non-risk-taking and careful children have had stitches already. Mind you that I’ve never had stitches in my life (not counting childbirth anyway). Broken bone, yes – stitches no. Yet both Abby and Hannah have. Oops.

Well this story is from swimming lessons last night. Both Abby and Hannah are taking them, which means that Becca and I sit in the bleachers with the other parents/siblings to watch. Lessons are at the middle school pool – an indoor pool so it’s like a jungle (according to my friend Kristi’s husband, Steve) or a sauna (according to me) in there. The first year that we put Abby in lessons, when Hannah was 2, a plastic Dora figurine with horse Pinto kept her occupied pretty much the whole time as she ‘rode’ Dora on Pinto up and down the bleacher row over and over again. I’m not sure if it’s because Becca is younger or what, but we’ve been through most of the easily-traveling toys in our arsenal so far and nothing keeps her occupied for more than a few minutes at a time. Her favorite game is to take off walking as fast as she can along the bleacher row until she reaches the set of 4 steps at the end that go down into the hallway. The ‘game’ is that Mommy chases her down the row and scoops her up before she gets to the steps. Well, last night, I didn’t quite make it in time. Usually she does very well with steps, but in this instance, she knew I was coming to get her and she was therefore in a hurry. So she fell. In slow motion, she rrrroooollllllllllllllleeeeeddd down the four stairs (hard tile ones, no less) until I reached her at the bottom. Not really a huge deal – she cried her little heart out for about 5 minutes and then was fine except for the large bruise forming on her forehead. But all in all, really not a bad fall. Except that I felt like the worst mommy in the world for those 5 minutes. I have the feeling that with this child though, I’m going to have to get used to it. Ten minutes later she was taking off down the bleacher row again just like nothing had happened. Except that mean Mommy didn’t let her get anywhere near the steps anymore. Sorry, little one.

So Ron was home sick yesterday – apparently it is a cold, not allergies. He was pretty darn miserable all day. And I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Thanks, dear.

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