Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random thoughts for a Wednesday...

Today was the second day in a row that Becca has waved to me out the window when I’ve been leaving daycare after dropping the kids off. It’s incredibly cute to see her little smiling face as she’s waving but it breaks my heart to have to be leaving her. While having the week off last week was extremely nice, it makes the transition back to the ‘real world’ of work and daycare just that much harder. My ‘baby’ girl is getting to be such a ‘big’ girl now. She's turning into such a little ham too - she knows to 'smile' for the camera when we point it at her, which usually involves scrunching up her face with her eyes almost closed. Silly girl.

So parents everywhere always say the same thing about how much energy their kids have – wishing they could bottle it and sell it or have at least half as much themselves. My kids slept in almost every day last week, thus making it much more difficult to get them to bed at the usual 8pm bedtime that we hold to (since they usually have to be up at 6:30am). I was thinking this morning about how nice it would be to get 10+ hours of sleep a night and started wondering if there’s any correlation between getting so much sleep (versus the oh, 5-6 hours a night that I usually average, for example) and how much energy kids exhibit during the day… I wouldn’t be at all surprised. However nice it would be to get that much sleep though, I have way too many things that need to get done in the evenings to even think about heading to bed at 8pm most nights.

I forgot to have Abby put her glasses on this morning so now she’ll have to go all day without them unless I can run home at lunch to grab them and take them over to daycare. And even though it would be great to see the kids at lunch like I used to when I was going and nursing Becca every day, I’ve realized lately that it throws both their routine at daycare, as well as daycare’s general routine, off if I show up at unusual times. My kids usually do fine when I leave them at daycare in the mornings – no tears or clinging. But if I stop in at lunch, I get the whole drama – crying while hanging desperately onto my leg or arm – when I go to leave. Usually from Abby, who is my child that craves routine and doesn’t deal well with change. So now I debate whether it’s more important to take her glasses over there and deal with the drama or let her go without them all day… What would you do?

Ron has either bad allergies or the start of a nasty cold right now. I so hope it’s just allergies because the thought of dealing with a summer cold – either in myself or the girls – right now is not something I want to deal with. Oh yes, and for his sake too, of course. ;)

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