Friday, July 20, 2007

I think someone has some hair envy going on!

I have had 3 bald baby girls. And when I say bald, I mean bald - none of them has had a haircut before the age of 2. You wouldn't think it to look at Abby and Hannah now, and it's odd to go back and look at their bald little heads in their baby pictures from years ago. They look so much different with hair! I tried an experiment a while ago when I was completely bored had some free time at work. We don't have Photoshop here, but with Microsoft's generic paint program and a little creativity, I came up with the following:

This is Abby's hair on Becca's face:
And this is Hannah's hair on Becca's face:

If you squint your eyes and look at them, they almost look like 'real' photos, lol. It's so hard to tell which I like better because Becca seems to have a face shape and general features closer to Hannah's, but she has Abby's eyes (and mine). Judging by what hair has come in so far, she's apparently going to be even blonder than Hannah is but with straighter hair more like Abby's. Here are all 3 of my girls at 18-20 months of age:
So while Mary was up visiting over the July 4th holiday weekend, Becca managed to get a hold of the plastic container that Mary keeps all of her daughter, Emma's, hair stuff in...

Hmmm, what is all of this fun-looking stuff?
Can I play with them? Really??
Wow, what are these things? (Notice the clip that we managed to get to stay in her hair for all of about 3 seconds, lol)
Hmm, maybe I should put them back... (and notice the TINY little pigtail that Mary managed to get in the back of her hair, which actually lasted a few hours!)
Why I have no idea who dumped all of these out! Me? Nah...
Oops, I think I missed one...
Ha! Got 'em all!
Now if I just put the lid back on, maybe nobody will notice all of the stuff scattered around on the floor...

We let her play with them for a good half hour before Emma came upstairs and didn't want icky baby germs all over her hair stuff. Becca loves hair stuff though - she'll grab a brush and try to brush Abby or Hannah's hair when I'm doing their in the mornings, or try to brush her own (ouch!).

The other night at swimming she must've discovered that she is started to actually get some of her own - she reached up and grabbed her head with both hands and walked around for 5 minutes yanking on her own hair. Silly girl - don't pull it all out now that you're finally starting to get some!

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