Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So to vent or to sleep...

It's almost midnight and I should definitely be asleep. Especially considering that I have to be up in under 7 hours. And that I've got as busy of a day tomorrow as I did today. But I'm tired, frustrated and really need to vent. So here I am.

I had a fairly rotten evening. I won't bore you with all the details and there wasn't one major thing that went wrong - just a whole bunch of little things. You know how that happens sometimes and by the end of it you're just... done. So in a nutshell, my frustrations of the day (in no particular order, although somewhat chronological, I guess).

  1. Ron brought Abby and Becca home from swimming last night and while the kids made it into the house, the towel that Abby had used (mine since she left hers at VBS) did not, nor did the diaper bag.
  2. I accidentally turned my alarm clock off this morning instead of hitting snooze so got up 10 minutes late and to work 20 minutes late. Funny how that multiplies, isn't it.
  3. As I was 10 minutes away from being done copying 75 GB of data from our network onto an external hard drive, we had a brownout at work. Instead of sorting through multiple folders and files to figure out what hadn't copied yet, I just started over again, so what should've taken half the day ended up taking the entire day.
  4. I had only one option (hot dogs with no buns) to feed the girls for dinner and was in such a rush that I completely forgot to feed myself anything. By the end of swimming, I was starved and grouchy. We were late to swimming because I had to throw together a makeshift diaper bag as well as the usual bag of necessities.
  5. Hannah slipped on the wet floor in the locker room and bruised her thigh pretty badly on the way in to swimming. Becca got her fingers pinched in a door after swimming, while we were waiting for Ron.
  6. Becca did not sit still AT ALL during swimming lessons, so I spent the entire 45 minutes chasing her around the bleachers instead of watching Abby and Hannah. It seemed hotter than usual in there so I was not only starving, but dripping with sweat by the time lessons were over. (wow, this list is longer than I thought it would be)
  7. Ron had 'hoped to make it' in time for open swim after lessons were done. I called him afterward but he wasn't answering either of his phones. So we waited in the hallway for 15 minutes before giving up and heading home. Abby went from asking me every 10 seconds, 'did you talk to Daddy yet?' to screaming and wailing that she wanted to stay for open swim and see her teacher.
  8. Hannah lost her towel somewhere at the pool.
  9. Somewhere about here my head started to throb.
Came home, ate a bowl of cereal. Then another. Finally got a hold of Ron - he should be home in an hour. Got Abby and Hannah in the bathtub to rinse off from the pool (usually they rinse in the showers there but I was in no mood to stick around any longer than we already had). Distracted a little toddler who thinks she needs a bath anytime someone else is in the tub or shower. Collected wet suits to wash, realized that we now have lost both of the girls' towels in the past 2 days. Completely forgot that we are out of bread and there isn't much else left in the house food-wise either. Called Ron multiple times since it's been an hour plus but he's not answering again. Put Abby and Hannah to bed. Abby has misplaced one of the two teddy bears that she absolutely cannot sleep without. Tell her to wait, while I put Becca to bed. Search for teddy bear with no luck.

Ron finally shows up at 9pm - Abby is still awake frantically searching for her teddy bear and I can't deal with her anymore, so he somehow convinces her she can sleep this one night without it. He brings in the diaper bag and towel and starts laundry, then disappears downstairs to the computer room. Probably a smart idea given my frame of mind at this time. And I'm not even PMSing!

Finally remember at 11pm that we are out of bread and that there is nothing else we can send to VBS for the girls' lunches, not to mention my lunch. Argue with Ron about who is going to run out somewhere for bread. I ALWAYS go whereas his point is that it's 11pm and he's tired. And I'm not??? Grumpy husband stomps off to the store, flings the loaf of bread on the counter when he gets home and goes to bed. At least he did get the laundry in the dryer earlier. I make the girls' lunches and my own, finish the dishes and sit down here since I'm now too keyed up to sleep.

I think part of what makes me angry is that Ron knows that he can get away with not doing things around the house because he knows I'll step in and do them. But I can't just 'not do' something because there's no guarantee that he'll even know it needs to be done, much less do it. And if I ask him to do it, I get a guilt trip or accused of nagging. There are things that just simply need to get done in any household and he knows that I'll pick up the slack if he drops the ball. But if I drop it, it shatters and things go horribly wrong. So I keep juggling all the balls up in the air and I don't even know how to juggle.

Wow, I'm more tired than I thought. Somehow I'm even getting loopy. At least that's better than frustrated and angry. I think I'd better go to bed. Good night!

Oh yes... Abby swam the entire way from the diving board to the opposite end of the pool. Somehow something clicked today that hadn't before now and she's actually 'swimming' on her own. I am so proud of her!!!

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4 wonderful people said...:

Believer in Balance said...

As a mom of three girls myself, I so felt your pain! I absolutely never do this (honest!), but if you want a somewhat similar vent, read my "Any Given Mom Day," filed under the same category in my Organized Beliefs. I so get what you're saying about if the husband doesn't get it done, the world doesn't collapse. We don't get it done, everything falls apart! I hope today was better and that you find the towels! :)

Dawn said...

oh MAN, what a day/night. I totally have those kinds of days/nights when just everything seems to go wrong somehow. I know how it goes with the hubby too... you wind up doing the whole "no... THAT'S OK, I'll DO iT - thanksfornothing" thing and then stewing.

*hugs* Ok, actually, come over here and get a hug! http://dawnandjimmy.us/blog/hugz - you totally deserve one after this day/night! :)

DebMomOf3 said...

OMG, I've got to stop reading blog posts at my desk - your Any Given Mom Day was hilarious and I was just about losing it. I can so relate having dealt with soccer, 3 kids, picky eaters, breastfeeding, etc. all at the same time too. I love it!

Yes, we finally found the towels and I managed to get dinner last night (pizza) - phew!

DebMomOf3 said...

Thanks for the hug! Yes, you've got it exactly right with the hubby thing and stewing for hours or days afterward... And of course, then he asks, so what got you in such a bad mood?! Men!