Friday, July 13, 2007

Sniffle, cough, sneeze

Ok, so today I was determined to write something thought-provoking, humorous and hopefully less wordy than usual. Uh-huh. As I'm now the not-so-proud recipient of a bad summer cold, courtesy of my husband who was sick at the beginning of the week, I'm going to beg off since my brain is not working very well today. And what parts of it are working, are busy worrying about my kids who are home with our 15-year-old niece today since daycare is on vacation and with swimming lessons and a sick husband, I waited until the last minute to try to find an alternate arrangement. Not to mention that our usual backups weren't available either. Thankfully our niece was able and willing to come look after 3 bored, whiny kids all day. I'm just hoping my house is in one piece when I get home tonight.

Today is also the funeral for the fallen police officer here. At 11am EST a moment of silence was held to honor him. Over 2,500 are expected to attend the funeral and thousands are also expected to line the procession route between the church and the cemetery. It is amazing to see the outpouring of support for his family and his daughter - by other police families as well as the general public. Police officers and support personnel from adjacent cities are covering our city's needs during the funeral so that every single officer in our department can attend the funeral. It's been over 20 years since an officer had died in the line of duty here.

I'm off to hole up for an hour somewhere with my box of kleenex and my ipod. Have a good weekend all!

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