Sunday, February 3, 2008



Another day spent on the couch.

My house is trashed.

My kids are in bed - hopefully asleep. They were bouncing off the walls.

My head is throbbing and my throat is on fire.

My husband is a bit miffed that he had to miss his Superbowl party (thank you for staying home!).

My girls are upset that we couldn't go see Mary's baby (Eric Michael, by the way!) like we'd planned this weekend.

My PTO (paid time off) balance is in the negative again after being home 2 days last time I was sick.

My nose is starting to run.

My mind is not working at full speed. Hard. to. put. coherent. thoughts. together.

My laptop is going to get put back down in about 30 seconds so I can rest and watch Superbowl commercials for the rest of the night. And then I'm going to go to bed.

Hopefully I will both feel better and be in a better mood tomorrow. Don't mind me - I am just so sick of being sick.


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10 wonderful people said...:

crazy working mom said...

Oh, you poor dear. I hope you feel better soon. :(

I'd let your kids come stay with us we lived close.

Jean said...

Dont you just hate that? No pto and sick. Your supposed to save the PTO for sick kids not sick moms. Get well soon Deb.

Anna said...

That is awful! Get well soon!

KC said...

Oh Deb so sorry your sick again..
Lots of get well wishes coming your way...
hope this will cheer you up..
Stop by my blog there is something waiting for you.

kailani said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Kristi said...

Not again!!! You guys can't seem to get it out of your house. I think I'll come over later and lysol the heck out of your doorknobs.

MomOf3 said...

I hope you feel better soon! I feel for you!!

Sher :) said...

I'm sooo sorry. :( I hope you feel better soon!!
Saying a prayer right now.

Tammy said...

Oh my...I hope you feel better soon! Take care of your self and getter better.

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

Hope you're feeling better by now. I had BAAAD strep last week, so I sympathize. :(