Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27 - Ron's vacation

I had a difficult time coming up with something for my T13 list this week, but then I remembered...

Ron has next week off.

He's taking some vacation time partially because he really needs the break, partially because we'll get our tax return soon and hopefully can get caught up on bills anyway, and partially because he hasn't had a solid week off in at least the past few years. He's been working so many late hours this week that the girls have barely seen him, so it'll be good to have him home every evening next week.

There are also a few other reasons that I'm glad he'll be around next week. Here are 13 of them:

  1. He'll be home all day - with nothing to do except laundry and dishes, of course... :)

  2. We won't have to rely on the kindness of our neighbors to get the driveway cleared if it snows.

  3. I won't be tripping over wet work boots in the middle of my kitchen floor every night.

  4. Daddy can shuttle the girls around to evening activities! Ok, well at least he can help.

  5. Five days of having someone else worry about what to cook for dinner. And if I'm lucky, 5 days of walking into the house and having dinner waiting for us... Hey, a girl can dream, right?

  6. Not having the girls asking me every 5 minutes to call Daddy and see what time he'll be home that night.

  7. Not having to get the girls out the door by myself for 5 mornings!

  8. Daddy will be home to cover any snow/sick days. Which means that it will be sunny, 40+ degrees and everyone will be perfectly healthy all week...

  9. The $25 or more that we'll save by having him eat lunch at home every day next week instead of buying fast food (his arteries will go into shock from the lack of grease, however).

  10. Having Daddy here to read Becca's favorite Dora book to her at least some of the 549 times that she demands begs for it every evening.

  11. Finding out that he actually has 36 hours of paid time off - so he will get at least a partial paycheck for the week.

  12. No meter, drill or other assorted equipment charging and taking up all the space on my kitchen counters for a week.

  13. Three words - "Honey Do List". Oh, Ron....... :)

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12 wonderful people said...:

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud at the laundry one! I hope your honey do list shrinks considerably!

~Amber~ said...

That's great that he has the week off!! And so great that the girls will be able to spend time with him!!!!

Melanie said...

And I bet he thinks he's going to be relaxing all week. Silly man!!

Stop by and visit my first TT.

Laura said...

Ah, I often have drills and such plugged in to recharge on my kitchen counters too! Hope you have a great week with your hubby home!

MamaGeek said...

OH my - now THAT's funny. Mom's all over the world are giggling at the poor guy. Err, I mean WITH the poor guy! :)

mommyof5 said...

I get it now. I hope I can come up with 13 things. It can be anything, right?

Kerry said...

You are too cute Deb! I loved your list. Glad for all of you that he's getting the much needed time off!

jennwa said...

Funny list. I hope he survives the lack of fast food.

Believer in Balance said...

He'll need a vacation after his vacation!

tasha said...

I love it when my hubby it at home too. We get a lot of stuff done, lol!

MondaythroughSunday said...

My husband has been gone for a couple of weeks and will be back tomorrow..YES!! I cannot wait!

Skittles said...

"IF" it snows..? LOL. I know where you live and trust me.. it will :)