Friday, December 7, 2007

Aloha Friday #11

alohafriday3 It's Friday again!  My favorite day of the week.  :)

Here's my question for this week's Aloha Friday.  It's a two-parter since I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to ask other bloggers what they think about the different blogging platforms, but didn't want to exclude the non-bloggers either. Feel free to answer either question or both - it's up to you!

Question #1 - How many e-mail messages did you have in your inbox when you checked it this morning?  Is that number more, less or about the same as usual?

I had 13 messages when I checked my personal e-mail and that's pretty typical. At work I didn't have any, which isn't the norm since I usually have at least one or two when I first check it in the morning.

Question #2 - For those of you with your own blogs, which blogging platform do you use and how well do you like it?

I see many people saying how good Wordpress is, so have been somewhat toying with the idea of switching since there are a few things about Blogger which can be annoying. I do like how easy Blogger is to use though and the fact that there's no cost to it, so I haven't decided anything for sure yet. Just curious at this point!  :)

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8 wonderful people said...:

baby advice said...

I had 7 that weren't junk mail, and that is about right. I use blogger right now, but I will be switching to wordpress soon!! There are some things, like you are saying, that can be very annoying about blogger.

Heart of Rachel said...

I had 8 personal emails and 2 junk mails. I've been using Blogger for several years but I have a new blog on WP. I'm still new on WP and I'm still trying to learn more about it. I'm having best of both worlds. :)
My WP account:

Dee said...

I had 5 new emails, none were personal.

I have two blogs, I've been using blogger for over a year now, I like it, I don't really have a complaint except when it involves me and my lack of knowledge of computers, codes etc. I would like to have a personalized blogger Layout, .....I also have just started another blog on Word Press, and I like that one too, BUT It seems more confusing to use than Blogger is, once again this can be due to me and my lack of knowledge of codes, terminology etc.

Charlotte (Charmed Life) said...

I have an average of 50 junk emails a day! ... and less than 10 non-junk emails!

I have Wordpress and Blogger Blogs. I like Wordpress, it's easier and simpler for me.

pinkjagxj said...

I have Blogger and Wordprees although it's my Blogger blog that I use. I do get royally frustrated with it and I'm hoping a few computer classes will help me out.
This morning when I checked my email there were 31 new messages. Unfortunately that's about the average.

Marie said...

I will be moving to Wordpress soon. Blogger is easy to use, but it's very limited and has a lot of problems. There's a lot more you can do with Wordpress, and isn't it free too?

Angelika said...

I had 4 at yahoo, which is about average.

But all day yesterday & today I've gotten maybe 3 comments from my blog, which is unusual. I just started using HaloScan so I thought maybe it wasn't working.

But now I know it is and it's just that no one is talking to me, LOL

I use blogger with HaloScan. I like that I can customize my template for FREE.

Sher :) said...

I use Word Press with my own domain. I have much more freedom than with the free bloggers. It can be tricky to use, but there's lots of help available.