Sunday, December 16, 2007

The 'official' Awards page

I decided that it's time to clean up my sidebar a bit and try to get more organized around here in general. Call it some "pre-Christmas" housecleaning, I guess.

One of the things I'm doing is moving most of my awards off of my sidebar on my main page. I'm doing this for a couple of reasons. First of all, they take up a lot of room on my sidebar (not that I mind really - thank you again to everyone who's honored me with an award!). But this way I can have a bit more say in how they are displayed. And by making a separate page (post), I get to share some link love back again to those who've been so nice to me.

So here, in no particular order, are the awards that I've received - hereafter to reside on this, my official 'Awards' page. :)

Thanks, Corey!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Thanks, Karen!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Thanks, Mauro!

Thanks, El Gigante Verdoso!

Thanks, Holly, Megan and Anna!

Thanks, Michelle!

Thanks, Donetta, Elizabeth, Jen, Jean and Kellie!

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Thanks, Anna!

Thanks, Michelle and Jennifer!

Thanks, Momma Bean!

Thanks, Tammy and Jennifer!

Thanks, Anna and Bridget!

Thanks, Kellie!

Thanks, Holly!

Thanks, Holly and Jennifer!

Thanks, Shana!

Thanks, Neena and Laura!

Thanks, Anna, Donetta, MomOfThree, Kellie, and ExPat Mom!

Thanks, Natalie and Jenn!

Thanks, Jenny!

Thanks, Nap Warden!

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7 wonderful people said...:

kailani said...

You sure are one popular gal!

An Island Life

Tery said...

That's awesome good for you!

I love your blog. Great information. I will be back.

Tammy said...

You have a lot of really cool awards!

Shana said...

This is a good idea!

And Tag, Your It!!!

Anonymous said...

Cleaning house feels nice, doesn't it? I am also overdue for a sidebar cleanup!

Anna said...

I've been thinking about doing something like this. It's kind of neat seeing all the awards on one page.

When you get new awards, do you put them at the top of the page or the bottom?

RennyBA said...

Congrats from Norway!, your really have gotten a great deal and I'm sure you deserve them all!