Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Iss 'tuck!"

Last night while at the store, I bought Becca a pair of mittens since it is December after all, and I figured that it was probably a good idea for her to have some. She's been outfitted with a hat (which she hates) and boots (which she loves) for a while now but I just hadn't made the effort to complete the ensemble yet.

I liked the ones that I found, because they were attached together by a long string, which if you remember from grade school (some of you anyway!), goes through the sleeves and keeps the mittens always hanging ready right by your cuffs so you can slip them off and on as needed. It also keeps Mommy's mitten budget way down since we therefore aren't replacing lost mittens every few days.

So this morning, I got Becca all ready - coat, boots, hat. And showed her the new mittens hanging from her sleeves. She looked curiously at one of them and then grabbed it from me and pulled. It came out of her sleeve a bit, but not too much, so she let go and then grabbed the other one and pulled at that one. Tentatively at first, and then a bit indignantly after that like she was personally affronted that the mittens wouldn't come off and leave her sleeves the way she was used to them.

"Iss 'tuck!" she announced quite firmly. Well yes, it was stuck.

She pulled harder, first at one mitten and then the other, "Iss 'tuck!!"  A bit more emphatically this time.

"Iss 'tuck!"

"ISS 'TUCK!!" Now she was just plain mad. These darn mittens actually had the gumption not to do what she wanted them to, which was to come off of her coat sleeves.

All the way to daycare in the van, I was treated to increasingly frustrated cries of "Iss 'tuck!". When we got there she did actually let me put the mittens on her hands though, so maybe she's coming around to the fact that she's 'tuck with them.

That is, after all, kind of the point.

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4 wonderful people said...:

Michelle said...

How adorable.

Your story (I KNOW I'm old, damnit!) brought back visions of "A Christmas Story". Living IN Florida, it gets a might chilly at times, but mittens aren't a problem!

Very Cute!

Anna said...

I remember those mittens. I had those for my kids. We might have even had a similar incident with the mittens, but I don't remember. I wish I had written more things down. I wish I had a blog back then!

Becca is just practically the cutest thing ever!

Jeff Keith said...

Great story. It is kind of fun to see kids struggle with things like that. Pay back for bad behavior times. LOL Jess and I laugh when our kids try to figure things like that out. We always help, but sometimes we delay long enough to get a quick laugh!

Sher :) said...

Too cute! You gave me a good laugh. :)