Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What exactly is it doing outside?

This day hasn't gotten off to the best start. Here's a few of the reasons why:

  1. Rain - or is it sleet - or is it freezing rain - or is it hail? I do know for sure that it's not snow. But what it actually is - I have no idea. In any case, it's wet and slippery and slushy and icy all at the same time. And everything is gray. And dreary.

  2. Ron is sick and staying home for the 2nd day in a row. Which means that his paycheck in 3 weeks will be dismal since he doesn't get paid sick time. It also means that my house will be (even more) trashed by the time I get home tonight (sorry dear, but you know it's true!). I have a lot of sympathy for him, really I do. Well, some anyway. :)

  3. Hannah must not be sleeping well because she woke up in a very tired, grumpy mood. A grumpy Hannah + a sick, tired, grumpy Daddy = Mommy wishing she were someplace else. Very far away. Like a nice quiet Caribbean island with lots of sun and sand.

  4. The 2-hour school delay that we found out about after we sent the older girls over to our neighbor's house (she gets them on the bus) like usual.

  5. A sick, tired, grumpy Daddy who wasn't thrilled with having to deal with a 6-year-old for an extra 2 hours. Although I was quite happy that he was staying home anyway so that I didn't have to miss work!

  6. The fit that Hannah threw when she learned that she would be going to daycare with Becca instead of to school (since she only goes in the mornings, her class was canceled all together). Dragging a screaming, crying, kicking 5-year-old out to the van and spending a bazillion minutes attempting to buckle her into her seat, then carrying a hysterical child into daycare and literally prying her off of me so I could leave was not at all what I had on my agenda for this morning.

  7. Arriving at work to find out that the 2-hour school delay had since turned into school being canceled completely. Sigh. My sick, tired, grumpy hubby learning that he was now stuck with either keeping Abby home with him all day or would have to get dressed and drive her to daycare (thus costing us more money on top of his smaller paycheck). Guess which option he picked? I do not envy our daycare provider today.

To be honest with you, today is one of those days where I don't mind being at work. In fact, do I really have to go home tonight? Hmm, there's vending machines and a locker room with a shower. And a couch in the lounge upstairs. Do you think anyone would notice me wearing the same clothes tomorrow? Ok, ok, just kidding. But it's definitely tempting! :)

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