Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The differences between my 3 girls always completely amaze me.  Here are three children  of the same gender, from the same gene pool, raised in the same environment - and in so many ways they are completely and utterly unlike each other.

Take getting up in the morning for example... 

Abby wakes instantly and is immediately ready to get out of bed and go hunting in search of sustenance. Food is always on this child's mind and breakfast is no exception. My little huntress arms herself with her beloved blankie (which can't just be left alone in her bed) and is ready to face her day - after a large bowl of cereal, of course.  By mid-morning she is begging for snacks and asking when lunch will be, every 5 minutes. Now that she's learning to tell time, she'll ask how many hours until lunch. Or dinner. Or snack time.

Hannah awakens slowly and only under protest. She curls up underneath her blanket, thumb in her mouth, hand tucked securely against her belly button, and ignores all attempts to prod her awake. She'll open an eye and peek out until she gets your attention, and then quickly shut it again.  When she finally does decide to emerge, she slithers slowly over the side of her bed until the tips of her feet touch the floor. Then she'll quietly collapse back into a boneless puddle of Hannah mush that requires the creative use of bribery, threats, and if all else fails - just picking her up and carrying her out of the room seems to do the trick (for now, but I have this vision of carrying a 16-year-old out to the living room to get dressed...). She'll often forget to eat breakfast - conveniently remembering that she's hungry about 30 seconds before we need to leave the house.

My little Becca seems to be closer to the 'Abby' version of waking up. Many mornings she'll hear us up and around before we come to get her and will begin fussing and calling out 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' incessantly until one of us goes to get her. Even now that she's in a toddler bed, she will sit there and cry and call us until we open the door. Then, she's all smiles as she begins her busy day. This little girl is always on a mission and rarely stops moving. She'll collect her stuffed animal friends and head out of her room - to eat  breakfast, watch tv, see her Daddy, or whatever else catches her fancy. And she's a determined little thing - any attempts to detour her from her chosen path are quickly, vocally and completely ignored or protested. At least she tries.   :)

I will be curious to see how each of them changes or remains the same as they grow older. As I think about it, the way they each wakes up in the morning is so very indicative of their personalities in general. Abby, the matter-of-fact, everything in black-or-white, no middle ground child. Hannah, the drama queen, always looking for attention and how to be in the spotlight. And Becca - well if she holds true to form, then I worry about our ability to handle this little one. She is our most stubborn, determined child and rarely lets anything get in her way or distract her. But she enjoys everything with a childlike abandon that I hope she never outgrows. She is a girl of extremes and will be the one to give us gray hair and heart attacks, I think.

Three little girls. Three individuals. And each of them special in her very own  (and very unique!) way.

So how do your kids wake up in the mornings? If you have more than one, do they wake up generally the same way or are yours as different as mine are?

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Dream Writer said...
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Wendy said...

Wesley never is very happy about getting up. I have to turn on his light and take his blankets off of him. I always make sure to give him plenty of time to wake up in bed. Lani really just sleeps until she is ready to wake up since my work comes to me. I usually hear her calling "Mooommmmeee" or singing the Barney song:) Too cute!

kailani said...

It is pretty amazing how each one has their own personality. It will be even more interesting as they get older.

An Island Life

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

How sweet is that...I think every day my kids change at how they wake up. Zachary, he either wakes up happy, and stays happy all day long, or he wakes up grumpy, usually when he wakes up after NOT sleeping enough, and he's grumpy all day long...Aubrey on the other hand wakes up early, VERY early some mornings and though she likes to lay around in bed, once those eyes open, she's up...there's no "go back to sleep its to early to get up" for her! :)

Expat Mom said...

My youngest, Dante, always wakes up early and happy, kicking the blankets and "talking" away. Then he gets grumpy if I don´t get up to change him and give him a bottle right away.

Dorian, on the other hand, varies. Most days, he wakes up early and is at his door calling out, "Mama!", but there are days when he gets up in a lousy mood and just sits crying on his bed until I come in. Then it´s a huge hassle to figure out what he needs (more sleep, but that´s not happening!) in order to be happy.

Dorian usually just grazes in the mornings. I put out a fruit plate where he can reach and he comes out of his room and eats some of that while looking for his favorite cars and simultaneously asking for "woody" (toy story movie). His wake up routine just isn´t complete until he has his movie on and a car or truck in his hand!

Julie!The Surrendered Scribe said...

My child names for my blog are "night" and "day". One gets up at the crack of dawn and is ready to go, the other would like to be like daddy and hit the snooze a few times. But she's very cheerful once she gets on her way...thankfully!

Cute post!