Friday, December 21, 2007

Here's some weekend reading for you

My oldest daughter is an author!

Well, sort of. One of Abby's favorite activities lately is to write 'books', which generally involves several sheets of paper which she then begs to have us staple together for her. As with her schoolwork on many occasions, she often rushes to get something down on paper, without a care for the quality of it - to her, done is done, no matter how well or not.

Here's an example - she wrote this 'book' a few weeks ago.

Just ignore the spelling - she is only in first grade after all!


Ok, so the illustrations are a bit - lacking.  She can draw much, much better than this, when she tries. But I love that she understands how a book is put together - that you need a cover/title page.

Oh, and 'bake' is supposed to be 'bank'... That may clear up a few things for you.

(Once there was a piggy bank)

(The piggy bank ran off)

(The piggy bank came back)

(The piggy bank stayed home)

Ok, ok so maybe she needs a little bit more work on her plot too.

But she did develop the story rather well in just a few pages (and words) and it even has a happy ending.  I'm pretty proud of her.

And just to show you how she can do when she does really try - here's something she brought home from school. The spelling is unique, but I love how she did the pictures on the back, and how they relate to what she wrote on the front:



There's the helping with dishes picture (on the right), the helping clean her room picture (bottom left) and the helping friends one (upper left).

Oh yes, and here's the inside of the Christmas card she made for us at school...


That one just melted my heart!  :)

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5 wonderful people said...:

Anonymous said...

Those are definately keepers!! She really is progressing so nicely. I love how she makes little books and writes her own. My girls loved to do that. Hannah still does. The Christmas card is so sweet, makes you want to cry. Makes you remember what it is all about...

Shana said...

She did a great job on her book.

I didn't need your subtitles since Caleb is so close in age to Abby, I read kid!!!

Merry Christmas, Deb to you and your family!

Expat Mom said...

That is so cute! I love the book. Make sure you save some of them, my mom still has one I did when I was five! It has a period between every letter and the words aren´t separated, but it is fun to read after all these years. Abby will love to look back at her budding author skills later on. :)

Summer said...

Piggy BAKE! I love it!! So cute!

crazy working mom said...

That is priceless, Deb! :)

Hang on to those for sure.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.