Monday, December 10, 2007

Heads or Tails #17 - Sky

This week's topic is either sky or space (heads) or in/under water (tails). I chose to go with Sky, because once upon a time I spent a summer in the sky.


It was 1989, and I was living just outside of Minneapolis, staying with my much older half-brother and his (former) wife. I had just finished a very turbulent first year of college, during which my parents separated. I came out to Minnesota to work for Ricky and to learn how to fly.


I loved being in the air - it was amazing, terrifying, awe-inspiring and every other synonym you can look up.  It was also incredibly difficult. Not the actual flying part, but all of the rules, regulations and protocols that you had to learn and remember. Flying a small plane is dangerous. And expensive - which is why I haven't been up in the air (at the controls anyway) since that summer, so long ago.

Someday, perhaps I will again.


A burst of sunshine

washes out blue sky

above me

clouds mask the Earth below

I fly over a stark ivory world

where mountains

and valleys appear solid

yet are vaporous haze

whiteness surrounds me-

I'm lost in a snowy desert

As the world spins away

beneath me.

(written: fall, 1990)

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10 wonderful people said...:

Natalie said...

That's so cool! I'd love to learn to fly...but it will never happen. My list of things I'd love is way too long! LOL!

My Heads or Tails is up too! :)

smarmoofus said...

I know it's expensive, which is why I haven't tried it. You're so lucky to have had that chance. I hope you get to follow up on your Someday.

My HoT is here.

Hootin' Anni said...

But oh...those photos are gorgeous.

Mishi the Secret Agent Mama said...

Did you get your private? Some day I intend to get mine. My husband is a CFI, so it will be just the cost of the plane for flying time. I'll have to pay him in other ways! :)

My HorT

Misty Dawn said...

WOW! This is a very interesting and fun post! Thanks for sharing this with us. The photos and the poem are awesome.

Rambler said...

I like the idea of a snowy desert. Great to know you had the u had such an amazing oppertunity

Anna said...

Wow! That is amazing. I have always wanted to learn to fly, but the expensive part, and the time involved, have always kept me from actually pursuing it.

I also want to jump out of a plane.

Skittles said...

I just caught Anna's comment where she said she wants to JUMP out of a perfectly good airplane? Not me!

My mom crash landed our Cessna when my (evil) stepdad passed out at the controls.. and she only had her taxiing license!

I wasn't in the plane at the time. Whew!

jenn said...

That 3rd picture is breathtakingly beautiful!

Have a great Tuesday.
Come by and visit.

Vic Grace said...

I took a couple of flying lessons in the Caribbean and would have loved to continue with them but couldn't afford it. It is awesome to be up there isn't it.

Cariboo Ponderer