Thursday, December 13, 2007

Throwback Thursday #20 - My girls

Here are some of our holiday photos from years past when the girls were babies and toddlers...

Abby's first Christmas:

Abby's 2nd and Hannah's 1st:
Xmas2002-AbbyHannah Xmas2002-Hannah
Hannah's 2nd:
Xmas2003 - Hannah1

Abby's 4th Christmas and Hannah's 3rd:
Xmas2004-Abby Xmas2004-Hannah

Abby's 5th Christmas and Hannah's 4th:

Last year (Abby's 6th Christmas, Hannah's 5th and Becca's first):

And a few family portraits we had done at holiday time...

In 2001:

In 2002:


And in 2003:


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1 wonderful people said...:

KC said...

Those were great.. I did another christmas throwback also.. I think next Thursday I'll do one like this where I show all my kids past Christmases Cool idea.