Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I hab jut beed to de dentibt

Ma mowf id vewy nub so I caddot talk too wewl ribt dow...

Ok, ok - yes I know I'm typing, not talking - so it doesn't matter what my mouth feels like! But yikes, I hadn't had my mouth numbed for dental work in years so this whole feeling (or lack of) is very odd right now. I keep thinking that I'm drooling down the left side of my mouth... LOL

I had a filling replaced this morning. It's amazing how in less than an hour, the little silver area that I've had on my lower left molar for oh probably 20 years is suddenly and amazingly tooth-colored again. Wow, tooth-colored fillings - who would've thought, huh! :)

So the filling wasn't replaced just out of vanity though - there was a new cavity right next to it, or maybe the original cavity had escaped from it's silver confinement - who knows... But the old filling was just that - old, so the dentist needed to replace it anyway.

And he used one of my girls' favorite words - but not one that I've ever heard in relation to my mouth before. Crown. Now I've been lucky enough to not ever have needed any major dental work (well other than braces and that's a whole different issue), so this is a new one for me. Why do I suddenly feel like I've failed my teeth just because I need a crown? Most everybody I know has a crown or two, or had a root canal or other such things, but other than a few stray cavities here and there, I've had very healthy teeth up until now.

Oh yes, and there's the 'b' word as well. Yes, over 20 years since I had them removed, I apparently need braces - again. This time to correct jaw issues - and with the amount of jaw, neck and head pain that I get, I know it's something that is going to need to be done. Just what I need, a mouth full of metal. Didn't I already go through this in middle and high school? Hey, wait a minute though - maybe braces will make me look younger? Ok, maybe not.

And then there's the amount of dental work that Ron needs - unlike me, he's had crowns and root canals and other fun stuff done before and several more that need to be done now. The dentist told me this morning that he mentioned to Ron at his appointment yesterday that he should get me something very, very nice for Christmas this year because he (Ron) is going to cost a lot of money next year. Just peachy.

Uh-oh, I think that I'm starting to get the feeling back in my mouth. The 'drool' feeling is starting to change to a 'your cheek is blown up like a balloon' kind of thing. But when I reach up and touch it, it feels perfectly normal. Very strange!

Ok, so I'm amused by the little things today... Maybe they snuck a bit of laughing gas to me when I wasn't looking, because I'm feeling very giggly all of a sudden.

I think it's going to be a long day.

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Sher :) said...

Oh, I want some laughing gas!! *lol* And watch that drooling on the left side. :)