Monday, October 15, 2007

And the results are in - sort of

So we've had tests of all sorts being done around here. First Hannah went in for the ones to tell if there's a physical problem that's been causing her to wet her pants off and on over the past couple of years. And those came back normal. So we're back to square one, which is to work with her on incentives and dis-incentives because we know that she's perfectly capable of staying dry - she'll do it for weeks at a time. But then she'll have weeks with accidents almost every day. There's just no consistency in when she's wetting her pants or staying dry. I do think it may be tied to how tired she is, plus I'm going to try her on the MiraLax again. It may just be something she'll have to grow out of... Which is not reassuring especially since most of her accidents have been at daycare recently and I hate that our daycare provider is the one having to deal with all of the wet pants and wet spots. I guess it's good that she hasn't had any accidents at school so far though.

I had a biopsy done last week on one of the blisters that I've been getting on my hands and feet. No definitive answers, except to tell us some things that it's not. They're leaning toward some form of eczema so I have a prescription for a steroid ointment to try for a month and see if that helps. If not, then I'll go in for some more tests. I did try a sample of the steroid in cream form but I didn't really have enough to use it for long enough to be able to tell if it was helping or not. Getting the stitches out of my finger today was great though -they've been itching and driving me nuts.

And lastly, Abby went in for her first solo counseling appointment with the clinical psychologist last Thursday. I asked her afterward if she's been able to come up with any thoughts so far on what's going on with Abby. I was impressed that she feels that she needs to spend more time with Abby before saying anything for sure - she is being very thorough. She did say that she's not convinced that it's not just an issue with lack of social skills. She's trying to work on that with Abby through puppets, pretend play and role playing. She summed up the issue better than I ever have - when Abby is playing (and even a lot of other times), she is completely oblivious to the needs of others around her. It's not the normal 'kid stuff' of not caring about others' needs, she just plain doesn't notice. It doesn't even occur to her that other kids might want to play something other than what she wants to play, for example. It comes across as being bossy sometimes and she also has no concept of 'personal space' when it comes to other people either. I've seen other girls on her soccer team pushing her off of them when she'll grab or hug them because she has no idea what's appropriate or not in terms of hugging, grabbing or pulling other people.

The psychologist has also noted Abby's lack of impulse control as well so she does think there's a possibility that we're dealing with more than just lack of impulse control too. She really feels that she needs to spend more time with Abby before she can really say for sure. And that's fine with me - I'd rather she take her time than jump into a diagnosis.

So no real answers yet on anything, but at least we know more than we did before! Will keep updating as we learn more...

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4 wonderful people said...:

Jennifer said...

Wow! You have a lot going on!!
I hope everything turns out okay with your tests and you get the stuff figured out with the girls soon.
Drop by my place later, there is something for you going in my post today ;0)

Wendy said...

I hope you do find something for Hannah that works. I know that's got to be frustrating.

Congrats on getting the stitches out. I hope the ointment works!

Good to hear that the CP is taking their time before jumping to any conclusions with Abby. So much better than having someone slap a label on her and immediately start prescribing something.

Summer said...

How frustrating that you seem to have gotten no definite answers for any of the things your dealing with right now. I hope that changes soon.

Corey~living and loving said...

you surely have a lot of things up in the air...but it must feel great to be honing in on some help.
I'll keep the positive vibes coming your way!