Friday, October 5, 2007

Guess what I got in the mail today?

I just got our mail when I took out the garbage. Yes, I know I should be in bed asleep by now, but this is what happens when you take an unplanned 1 1/2 hour nap on the couch and almost miss Gray's Anatomy and then spend the next couple of hours watching tv and reading blog posts instead of doing household chores. Oops.

So where was I? Oh yes, the mail. Well along with the usual assortment of junk mail and bills, I saw a greeting card envelope with my dad's return address on it.

Hmmm, why would my dad be sending me a card? It's true that I haven't talked to him in way too long - maybe he's sending me a card as a reminder to give him a call. Ron's birthday was in August and mine and Hannah's aren't until November so it can't be a birthday card.

Now I'm very curious. So I open it.

If I could get my internet connection to work in our bedroom where my computer desk and scanner are, I would scan this card for you to get the full effect. You'd almost have to know my dad to understand why he would pick out this particular card.

Imagine, if you will, an image of a person with the head of a cat, bowling with a giant kitty toy - you know the kind, with the bell in the middle... Inside it says, "Let the good times roll, Happy Birthday". That is my dad's sense of humor in a nutshell.

And it's signed, "Have a great birthday, Deb, and many more. Love, 'P' (my dad's girlfriend) and Dad". And he even included a check, dated 10-2-07. (Thanks, Dad!!!!!)


Well, the last time I checked, my birthday was in November, not October.

So now I'm wondering if he realizes that he's off by a month? I'd guess not since he went ahead and sent the card. Or maybe he figured this would be a sure way to get me to call him...

In which case, the tactic will work since I will call him tomorrow to thank him for the card and gleefully tactfully ask him if he's aware of the mistake while trying not to laugh too hard. He is my dad, after all, and I love him.

Even if he doesn't remember - after almost 37 years! - when my birthday is.

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3 wonderful people said...:

Nicole said...

ROFL That is just funny. Perhaps he wanted it to be an Early Birthday card, instead of a Belated Birthday card? Perhaps not. LOL

Anyway, congrats on the extremely early birthday surprise, and do let us know what he says. It make me giggle. :D

Great blog and I will be back!

Summer said...

That's way too funny! At least he's a month early and not a month late.

Corey~living and loving said...

WHAT????? it isn't November yet????

tee hee