Saturday, October 13, 2007

Contest round-up #6

A lot of great giveaways again this week, so let's jump right in...

Over at Rocks In My Dryer's Bloggy Giveaways page there are some great ones this week. You could win a notepad or calling card set from Loop De Lou (enter by today), a $50 gift certificate to the Warm Biscuit Bedding Company (enter by October 14th), a $25 gift certificate to Chocolate Cake Club (enter by October 15th), one of two sets of 60 personalized address labels from Colour Me Family (enter by October 16th), or a set of 25 5x7 flat holiday cards from Fruition Designs (enter by October 21st).

And at 5 Minutes for Mom you could win a copy of the book Queen of the Castle by Lynn Bowen Walker or the book Dangerous Admissions by Jane O’Connor. You also can enter to win a free children's bedding set from Kukunest (enter by October 23rd), one of five copies of a 4-song CD and DVD by Lori McKenna (enter by October 16th), one of two free photo memory books from Hewlett Packard (enter by October 25th) or a Tonka Truck prize package (enter by October 20th)! Or you could win one of three copies of the Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams DVD (enter by October 16th).

Head on over to An Island Review to check out Kailani's giveaways! You could win your choice of two products from Oopsie Dazie (enter by midnight on October 15th) or a 3 month membership to the Scrub Club at Klean Bath & Body (enter by midnight on October 16th).

At Laura Williams' Musings you could win a set of 60 color-me labels of your choice. Check it out before October 19th for your chance to enter.

Check out Mamanista! for your chance to win a Rockin' Baby Sling! You'll have until November 13th to enter this one.

Over at SortaCrunchy, you could win a copy of Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld! Enter by 11:59 pm on October 18th for your chance to win this great book that shows you lots of ways to get your family to eat healthier - whether they know it or not!

In celebration of Pink for October, iMommies is giving away an iPod! Head on over to see how you can enter to win a 1 GB, hot pink iPod shuffle!

At the Pinks & Blues Girls' Mama Loves Giveaways site, you could win a special BabyDish Hally Bag Pink Ribbon Diaper Bag Survival Kit. Here's how:

**To enter the BabyDish Pink Ribbon Diaper Bag Giveaway, please pledge to self-examine, make an appointment for your annual physical/mammogram or let us know that you have gotten your exam in the past year.

Then leave a comment telling them you’ve done this (and don’t forget to encourage your friends and loved ones to do so).

Their goal is to have 500 women self-examine, make an appointment or let them know that they have recently done so.

This contest ends October 31st at 5 PM EDT**

Over at One Moms World you could win your choice of a DVD from Exercise With Mommy! You can choose from either Back in Shape with Baby or Energize and Exercise with your Preschooler. You have until October 22nd to enter.

It's time for another Group Writing Project from MamaBlogga! The theme this month is "The Best Things About This Age" - write a post discussing your favorite things about your children at any age. You could win a $30 Amazon gift certificate!

And this last one isn't specifically a giveaway, it's to announce that Rocks In My Dryer is going to be holding another giveaway carnival, titled "Fall, Y'all!"!

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So head on over during the week of October 29th to see all of the great giveaways - I'll have to think about what I can give away to get in on the fall fun... :)

That's it for this week - don't forget to check out those contests from previous editions of my contest round-up which are still going on:
  • Check out the week of giveaways over at From Dates to Diapers and Beyond!, starting on October 21st! You could win a great prize like votive candles, a set of no-slip clips, and more!

  • Over at MyLilVenture you could win a queen size mattress and two pillow encasements from CleanRest. Enter by October 31st for your chance to win!

  • Jenn from All Natural Mommies has put together a fun scavenger hunt! It's already started but it'll go until October 31st so there's still plenty of time to get in on the hunt. All you have to do is look for the Scavenger Baby hiding on one of the sponsors' websites every day and click on it to enter. Check out the calendar to get started!

  • It's time for the October Write-Away Contest from Scribbit! This month's theme is "Things that scare me" - very appropriate for Halloween. You have until October 17th to write a post and submit it for a chance to win a collection of mystery, suspense and thriller novels!

  • Check out the 2007 Pinks & BOOs Halloween guide button over on my sidebar - if you want a chance to win a great Halloween-themed prize pack from Pinks & Blues Girls, head on over to find out how to enter by October 15th!
Don't forget to check out Our Seven Qtpies! Plus the contests at Pediascribe , It's Write Now, and Camy's Loft don't end until the end of October so there's still time to enter those as well.

Have a great week and good luck to everyone! :)

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