Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have 2 stitches in my finger

I spent most of this afternoon unable to type very well because my left index finger was almost completely numb.

Why?, you ask...

To hopefully get some answers as to why I get horrible, itchy, blisters on my hands and feet that make me embarrassed to wear sandals in the summer and and hide my left hand in my pocket whenever possible right now.

I'm finally going to find out what causes this and more importantly, how to get rid of it.

After 10 years and many doctors who told me that it's simply caused by stress and to try cortisone cream. Which doesn't help, by the way. Up until a year ago I had these outbreaks fairly rarely, but they've been almost constant now for quite a awhile. And I finally have a doctor who was willing to send me to a dermatologist.

So today I had a biopsy on one of the unbroken blisters - on the side of my left index finger, and I have 2 stitches in it. These are my first stitches, other than from childbirth.

My biggest worry right now? I'm not supposed to get my finger wet for two days. Hmm, no washing dishes - I think I can live with that! But no shower... That one will be a bit harder to deal with. Or I'll have to figure out a way to shower without getting my left hand wet. I'm thinking rubber gloves may be a possibility here.

The dermatologist thinks it's a form of eczema. I have a topical steroid cream to put on my hands and feet once or twice a day and she suggested I wear socks and cotton gloves to bed. Well, I don't have any cotton gloves so I guess I'll be wearing socks on both feet and hands! I'm just hoping that this helps - no matter what's causing them, I just want them gone! I hate the way my feet and hands look, not to mention the constant itching and pain...

I should find out the results of the biopsy next week. So now we're waiting on test results for 3 out of the 5 of us - yikes!

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5 wonderful people said...:

tegdirb92 said...

at discount department store (like Target) have finger cots you can buy which might work. Hope it gets better soon!! have a great Thursday.

melody is slurping life said...

Hope it's better soon. One of my sons deals with eczema. If that's the problem, it is manageable.

Summer said...

I hope they can find an answer for you on what's going on, and better yet, a cure!

Corey~living and loving said...

I hope they get it figured out. You deserve to not suffer with this problem. I hope the finger heals quickly, too!

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