Thursday, October 11, 2007

Embracing my inner toddler - otherwise known as a whine-fest

It's been a really long day at the end of a really long week. I'm feeling the need to whine, so please bear with me.

I'm tttttttiiiiiiiirrrrrreeeeeddddd..... And I wanna eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate. And I want a vacation... Or at least a nap.

Wow, that does make me feel a bit better. No wonder kids do it so much. Does it annoy you as much over a blog as it does when your kids whine in front of you? :)

We've had something going on every evening this week so far. That's on top of a full day of work/school/daycare. Dinners have been on the run almost every night. Or we ate snacks on the way somewhere and a late, thrown together dinner when we get home. And even at church dinner last night, although I loved the baked chicken and mashed potatoes, my kids hardly ate anything. Well, Becca ate fine but that was after the major fit she threw when I tried to put her in the highchair. I couldn't sit her in a metal folding chair though - they have a tendency to fold up on her, she's just not big enough yet. She finally sat in the high chair, but she wasn't happy about it.

Monday night I was late after work because I accidentally locked my keys in my car (yes, again...) at work so had to wait until Ron could get there and open the door. He didn't come until almost 5:30pm (yes, I am going out this weekend and getting a duplicate key made to keep in my purse!). Then he had to head back out to work on another job. The girls and I ran home from daycare and ate a quick dinner before we had to leave for their cheerleading practice. This is a new activity for them and I think I'm going to regret signing them up for this one, but soccer is almost over and they really wanted to do cheerleading. It was the cheapest activity I saw, so figured we'd try it for a while. They love it but it does add another busy evening to our week.

Tuesday night was Abby's last soccer practice. I was gone in Detroit at a seminar all day and barely made it back in time to rush home, grab snacks and Abby's cleats and shin guards before picking them up and rushing to practice. I forgot her soccer ball - thankfully the coach had one she could borrow. We ate a late dinner at home afterward.

Last night was church night - Wednesdays are always long and busy. We got straight to church from daycare and ate dinner then Abby and Hannah had their bible school class and I worked in the toddler room for an hour with Becca and two other toddlers, one of whom wanted to be held the entire time. I do get paid to work in there on Wednesday nights for an hour - not enough to help with bills or anything, but the tiny bit of extra money does come in handy.

And then tonight. Abby's first solo counseling appointment. At 6:00, so we went straight there from daycare. Dropped Abby off and then I took Hannah and Becca to the food court at the nearby mall for dinner. We drove through Taco Bell on the way home for Abby's dinner. And then Abby did her homework quickly before bed. Hannah was upset because she wanted to go and play with 'the lady' too and couldn't understand why only Abby got to go. Becca was slightly warm when I picked them up at daycare and when I took her temperature at home later was up to 103.3 degrees. She felt better after some Motrin and was down and playing when Ron got home. We'll see how she's doing tomorrow morning - she's done this before, where she's spiked a fever and then been completely fine afterward, but if she's still sick at all, then Ron and I will have to figure out what to do so one of us can stay home with her.

Tomorrow night we don't have to be anywhere, but I promised the girls we'd put up the Halloween decorations. Which isn't a problem, except that means straightening and dusting the places where the decorations need to go...

Have I mentioned that I'm really tired?

I haven't even gone into everything that's going on at work right now - that's a whole other post. Let's just say that I haven't had much time for blog reading or post writing there lately. And there's a somewhat decent chance that I may not have the same employer after next June. Or possibly not a job at all. I haven't completely wrapped my mind around that one yet - we just got the details (as much as they know anyway) this morning. One thing that's definite though, is that I'm being moved to a different department because one of my co-workers is leaving for another job. It's not the easiest department to work with (and that's a huge understatement) and I'm just not sure I've got the energy to do a good job for them, especially if it's not appreciated anyway.

(But, hey - on the bright side, I will finally have a window to look out of at work. I am looking very forward to that.)

Ok, I'm done whining now. I just had to get all of that out of my system so I can relax and go to bed at a decent hour tonight. Sorry this post is such a downer - I should be back to my usual self tomorrow. After some sleep.... :)

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4 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

The whining didn't bother me. I just ignored it. Just like I do with my kids. ;)

You are one busy person! You made me tired just reading this post!

Jean said...

I'm sure just the running around, the poor little thing just probably got a little feverish. Man I couldn't running around like a chicken with my head cut off..oh wait I do. :)
Good luck with everything, hope then new job thing works out.

Summer said...

Whining really can be therapeutic. :)

Wendy said...

There's nothing wrong with a good whine now and then, everyone needs to. And with all you've got on your hands, I'm surprised you don't do it, oh say, every other day!

One of my daughters does the temp spike and then fine thing, too. I hope Becca was feeling better today.

And I especially hope you're feeling better, too, enjoying a much-needed night of relaxing, and a good helping of chocolate. :)