Saturday, October 27, 2007

The next one of you with underwear on your head is getting a time-out!

These are words that my friend Kristi never thought she'd hear come out of her mouth.

Imagine, if you will, 5 children running around wearing little boys' briefs on their heads like hats, even after being repeatedly told to take said underwear off.

(Clean underwear of course)

We're not sure who exactly started this fashion show, and I'm not sure we really wanted to know.

The five children in question (my 3 girls, and Kristi's 2 boys), however, thought it was pretty fun.

We thought it was pretty funny.

Especially since after Kristi made the time-out threat, the only child who dared to attempt the underwear-on-head trick was Becca.

Whoops. Hard to enforce a time-out for a one-year-old.

We have no photos of this little escapade with which to blackmail our children in the future, mainly because running for the cameras would probably just have given the impression that we endorsed such a thing. Although I'm sure the laughter we didn't try too hard to hide probably defeated that anyway.

Oh well, it was probably one of those 'you had to be there' moments, but too priceless not to blog about! :)

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8 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Oh my! I was waiting for the part where you said, "Ron joined in on the fun and put underwear on his head!" :)

Btw, tag, you're it. There's something for you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!! Too funny. Motherhood causes things to come out of our mouth that we never ever dreamed we would have said, not in a million years. That is one of the reasons I love being a mom so much!

jen@onemomsworld said...

oh what a HOOT! Kids do the darndest things. Too funny ;)

childlife said...

Hilarious! I love how Becca is always right in the middle of things : )

WkSocMom said...

And over at my house it's the dad who puts the underwear on our boys' heads. The life of a parent.

You won the book! Come see here and send me your address for shipping.

Jodi said...

Too funny!!! I can see the picture in my head of them doing this. I do have a black mail pic of when Christopher had done this.

melitsa said...

Thanks for making me smile. :)

and sharing it with the Carnival of Family Life- Bonfire edition.

JHS said...

Oh, man . . . this made me laugh out loud. It sounds so typical . . . I have two boys and I'm not even going to talk about some of the stuff they have done over the years.

I'm late getting out to visit all of the participants. Sorry! It was a crazy week!

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