Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Somewhat mindless musings while at a work seminar...

I sit in a room with many people, yet alone.
I watch my fellow attendees as they talk, laugh, network.
The day has already lasted forever, with 'and ever' yet to come.
I am restless, anxious but sleepy and my eyes close almost without warning...
Then I jerk awake with a quick glance around to see if anyone has noticed.
And so it goes. On and on.
The endless wait for
the freedom
to be found
at home.

Yes, this is what I was doing during at least part of the seminar I was at yesterday for work. It was long, sometimes boring, and a lot of the time a sales pitch for services and software that we either already use or have no interest in. So I took advantage of my free pen and notebook to jot down some thoughts...

It feels strange to be so isolated.
No computer. No phone.
No wires - even no wireless.
And I feel alone, disconnected.
I wonder what my friends are up to today -
which of life's challenges they are tackling.
I worry about my family - are they ok?
Did they manage well without me this morning?
I have no idea. No way to find out.
No computer. No phone.

Can you tell that it was really bothering me to not know how things went at home without me? LOL That's what I get for leaving my phone in my van when I got into my co-worker's car to carpool. I thought I knew Ron's work phone number by heart but after trying it a few times with no luck, I gave up. Apparently I was only off by one digit though.

So while I was sitting there hearing all about things like

wireless connections... mobile mapping... real-time information... accuracy improvement... laser offsetting... field software solutions... data collection...

I wondered and worried and fidgeted and wrote.

Oh well - at least they fed us well!

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3 wonderful people said...:

Eileen said...

The way you wrote it could actually be like poetry. Such nice writing!! I hate days/meeting like you perfectly described. It makes me want to scream, and just run out of the room. Such a waste of time.
Glad your home now, with your girls and back to blogging!
Have a better Thursday!

Jean said...

We've been doing leadership seminars via teleconference. It was pretty boring. The best part was we could mute our microphone so the speaker couldn't hear us so we sat around talking and goofing off all day.

Corey~living and loving said...

FAbulous musings....I loved the first one best, but they both were so fab! :)