Monday, October 29, 2007

Ooh, I'm not touching THAT!

Ok, get your minds out of the gutter or wherever else they're at... :)

We're talking pumpkin guts here, people!

Yes, my kids are wimps. Or wusses. Or whatever else you want to call it.

Is it because they're girls? I wouldn't think so since I loved playing in pumpkin guts and seeds when I was a kid...

We started the evening like this:

(You want me to put my hand where???)

And after a lot bit of cajoling, bribery, threats (hey, whatever it took, this is Halloween tradition here!) we did manage to get their hands into the pumpkins. Sort of.

Becca was intrigued:

Hannah was (in true Drama Queen fashion) very squeamish and loud about her desire to get nowhere near the pumpkin insides. She finally relented a little bit:

And then realized it wasn't quite SO bad:

And maybe even kind of fun:

Abby really didn't do too badly, she was very curious:

And both she and Hannah had fun helping Daddy carve the faces into their pumpkins (with a safety knife 'thingy', of course):

While Becca enjoyed ripping the newspaper off the table to shreds...

(Don't ask me why it's fun to put pieces of newspaper on your head...)

And eating raw pumpkin:

So here are the final, finished products!




And showing off their masterpieces:

Ewwww - run for your life, it's pumpkin guts!!!!!

Splat! :)

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4 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

what a great series of shots!! I'll admit, pumpkin guts are nasty! especially if they are cold!
which is why i keep putting it off!

Eva said...

So very sweet. Love the pictures to go along with the story.

Wendy said...

Great pictures and great pumpkins! It's not a girl thing to hate the goo!! Wesley still wont touch it! HEE!

Summer said...

Such a cute post! I loved carving pumpkins as a kid.