Saturday, October 13, 2007

Playing catch-up

I haven't had a chance to post since yesterday morning - Becca wasn't feeling well so I went and got her and Hannah from daycare right after lunch. We came home and watched a couple of episodes of Dora and then I put Becca down for a nap and tried to get Hannah to lie down for one as well. To help with that, and because I was tired too, I lay down with her in my bed. This was about 2:30 pm...

At 5:00 pm I was awakened by Hannah asking if she could go play next door. Um, what time is it??!! I had meant to pick Abby up after school at 3:30 pm or at the latest by 4:15 pm when she got off the bus at daycare. Oops. When we did get there, right about the time I normally pick the girls up after work, Abby was pretty upset that I hadn't come earlier since Hannah and Becca weren't there. Sigh.

At least I got my nap... :)

Becca was up a couple of times in the middle of the night but she seems to be feeling ok so far this morning. Which is a good thing since she'll have to go to one of the girls' soccer games since they play at the same time this morning. Thankfully Ron was able to get the day off - he's going to Hannah's game and I'm going to Abby's. Becca will probably come with me.

At dinner last night, Abby lost her 4th tooth! This is the other bottom front tooth. She's got a couple of adult teeth coming in already, but still has quite a cute gap in the front:

I went out to the mall last night after dinner - my usual Friday night with my friend Kristi, except that she had to work so I was by myself. I spent the time checking out cell phone deals since our contract is about up and I want to shop around before signing up with anyone for another two years. Then I did some grocery shopping. It was nice, but not nearly as much fun without Kristi to talk to and go have dessert with.

I came home to this:

I tried putting Becca back to bed when I went to bed, but she wasn't having any of it - I should have just left her and Daddy there to sleep... I brought her into bed with us, but she was so restless and squirmy that I finally put her back in her own bed around 1:45 am.

Abby woke us up at 7:45 to let us know that the tooth fairy hadn't come last night.


I had just commented on another blog this week that I knew this would probably happen at some point - guess I jinxed myself there. I was concentrating on dealing with Becca and Ron had fallen asleep soon after I left to go out... We neglected our tooth fairy duties.

But - we managed to save the tooth fairy's reputation, I think. After Abby came in and made her announcement, Ron and I looked at each other and felt horrible. Then I said to Abby, "why don't you lie in here for a while - it's not quite morning yet, so maybe the tooth fairy will still come". And Ron said that he would go check to make sure that her tooth fairy pillow was still under her pillow with the tooth in it. He made the switch and then after a little while we suggested to Abby that she go check again. She was excited to see that the tooth fairy had finally made it and I think we were successful in not arousing any suspicions. I hope so anyway.

So that's a quick update as we get ready to head out to soccer... The girls' uniforms are in the dryer as I write this since I forgot to switch laundry over last night. I really need to somehow get more organized.

Pictures from the last soccer games of the fall as well as a contest round-up to come later on, so check back and have a great Saturday! :)

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5 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I remember my "tooth fairy" forgetting to come one time when I was a kid. I told my parents, and they said with the most serious voice, "Oh, shoot, it was Wednesday......the tooth fairy takes Wednesday nights off!!!"

I fell for it!

Summer said...

That pic of Daddy and baby is sooo adorable!

Anna said...

I love Abby's cute gap.

I'm really good at forgetting to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, too. I need to be reminded. I think the ending buzzer on the washer should repeat every five minutes or so until it's taken care of. Why don't they work that way?

crazy working mom said...

Those are two awesome photos. The sleeping one is just too sweet! :)

Shana said...

Caleb has decided to lose teeth at crazy times like 10:30 at night, TWICE! Well, "the toothfairy" doesn't use cash much, so we had to explain that she had already made her rounds for the night, but would get the tooth the next night!

He fell for!!!

And I just love that picture of your hubby and the baby, SO SWEET!!!