Monday, October 8, 2007

A is for Alligator

You know how sometimes certain songs get stuck in your head? I've noticed that songs aimed at children tend to be particularly sticky in that way - which is the idea, of course, since they are supposed to help kids learn. But it can get quite annoying for adults!

Like today, for example. I have a song in my head that my girls spent all weekend singing over and over. And so I find various lines from it going through my head at the strangest times...

Me, talking to co-workers, "Yes, I think we can get the electrical project going - it'll be a long process but the hardest part will be setting things up..."

...while in my head? I'm quietly singing, "Allie, Bubba, Catina Cat... Deedee deer and Ele-phant..."

Do you recognize it? If you have kids who've done Zoo-phonics, you probably do.

Abby learned this song last year in kindergarten and it made its rounds through my head then too. But I didn't quite know all of the words so only certain lines went around and around in my head over and over... This year Hannah has learned it in school too, so now I have two of them singing it. Very loudly. And energetically, involving all of the motions as they sing each letter. As they were doing this morning after they got dressed and ate breakfast.

I have no idea how anyone can have that much energy at 7:00 am.

("Francie Fish and Gordo too. They all live at the zoo....")

This isn't a sponsored post or anything like that, but I'd just like to say that I think that Zoo-phonics is an incredible learning tool. Both of my older girls started with it in preschool and it really helped Abby remember the sounds that the various letters make - something we hadn't had much luck teaching her at home. We've been really happy with our school district using it in the younger grades and I'd definitely recommend it.

As long as you don't mind the catchy tune that you won't be able to get out of your head!

And yes, (sadly) I do know all of the words now.

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4 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Whew! You were chatty while I was gone! It's taken me this long to catch up! And that was only b/c I didn't comment on each post! But I did read them all. You guys were busy busy while I was away!
And now I'm busy busy trying to catch up on all of the things I'm behind on! Ugh...sometimes I wonder if vacation isn't harder than it's worth!

Jennifer said...

My kids did a different phonics thing when they were in school. BUT now I may have to find this for my 3.5 yr. old since I am now homeschooling.
Right now I have a Jungle book song stuck in my head. Usually it's a Hannah Montana song ~ how bad is it that a 31 yr. old mom walks around singing Hannah Montana?

Skittles said...

I can remember the words to songs my kids learned in kindergarten better than the words to more recent songs. :)

Jean said...

I havent this particular song..but oh I so have had many a childrren's song stuck in my head.