Sunday, October 7, 2007

Does 'F-o-o-d' spell 'Pizza'?

My oldest child is reading! In just the past week, Abby has gone from being able read only the simplest 'sight' words ('to', 'is', 'and', 'the', etc.) to actually being able to read an entire book by herself.

She seems to have passed the point from words being something to 'sound out' - which she doesn't like to do, so would refuse to even try - to being able to 'see' what the word says, for many simple 3, 4 or even 5 letter words. She actually read one of her and Hannah's books to me yesterday - it's a simple I-Can-Read book, but she read the entire thing with no help from me.

Even Hannah is starting to be able to sound simple words out or tell us what letters various words start and end with. Today she asked Ron how to spell 'pizza' - attempting to be funny, he told her 'f-o-o-d'. Not only did she know that wasn't right, once Ron told her that the double 'o' sounded like 'ooh', then she figured out what word he'd actually spelled.

And Becca's now starting to sing the A-B-C song...

I think our days of spelling things we don't want our kids to know about in front of them are just about over! :)

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1 wonderful people said...:

Summer said...

What a smart girl! I remember my parents speaking spanish to each other when they didn't want us to know what they were saying. But pretty soon we even figured out certain words in spanish.