Sunday, October 7, 2007

Run, kick, score!

Or not. Yes, another busy Saturday of soccer. Yesterdays games were at 10:15 am and noon, so although we had time to make it to both without a conflict, it was a mad rush. And wow, was it ever hot out! You'd be hard pressed to make anyone believe that this is October - there aren't even very many trees changing colors yet either. Last fall we were shivering at soccer games and this year we're sweltering... Just plain weird.

Hannah did really well again yesterday - probably because she got to sleep in later again. She still wasn't the most aggressive player but she was running after and trying to kick the ball much more than in the past couple of weeks' games. All of the kids were hot and tired about halfway through so they were all dragging by the end and just wanting the game over. It was hot enough sitting and watching, so I know they had to be even worse off.

I call this next one, "Whoops!", LOL

We left Hannah's game at 11:30am. Abby had to be at hers at 11:45am at a different school. Which left us exactly 15 minutes to get lunch.

Wendy's, anyone?

Normally I would've driven through but Abby had to use the restroom so we all trooped inside and I ordered food while the girls ran and climbed and used up all of that energy that must've somehow been restored by the restaurant's a/c... Or something.

Abby ate her lunch in the car on the way to her game and the rest of us ate during her game after we got to the field. It was actually a good way to get Becca to sit in the stroller for the bulk of the game. Once she got set free though, she decided to play some soccer on the sidelines...

And she made it out onto the field a couple of times before I ran out and caught her, oops. Then she decided that the ball was more fun to sit on than to kick.

Abby had a difficult time at her game - probably mostly from having been out in the heat already all morning. She mostly stood around, even when the ball came near her:

Or walked around with her shirt like this:

I got tired of yelling to her to put her shirt down - I know it was hot, but she needed to pay attention to the game and not show off her belly to everyone. I finally told her that I was going to take a penny out of her piggy bank every time I saw her pull her shirt up over her shoulders and that helped some. She lost 2 pennies.

She played midfield for the first 3 quarters of the game, and got to kick off twice! I think it was almost the only times she touched the ball...

She did run around a bit way behind the other girls...

And right at the end of the game, she suddenly started to get into it and got some good kicks in while playing defense. They lost 3-0 again though.

Five weeks down now and next week is the last of the fall season. I'm glad in some ways because it makes for a crazy, stressful Saturday, but I'll miss watching them play. And the worst part is that they play at the exact same time next week. Ron has the day off so we can split the duties, but I don't want to miss either of their last games! I'm not sure how we're going to decide which of us goes to which game.

I know - you're just not going to know what to do with yourselves once I no longer have soccer pictures to post on the weekends, right? :)

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7 wonderful people said...:

Summer said...

Love the Wendy's pics. Their new advertising campaign is much better than their last one.

Jen@BigBinder said...

Man! I can't imagine playing soccer in that weather. Or, sitting and watching (or chasing a toddler). It makes me want to lift my shirt up too, but I don't have two pennies to lose :)

KC said...

Looks like a fun, busy and hot day.
This is my 1st year in the last 6 that I haven't been running from one field to the next for soccer games. We had such a busy summer that I told the kids we were taking a break from fall soccer this year, not a one of them complained. Thank goodness because if they would have I know I would have gave in to them LOL. We have had the last two months not so much sport free but game free anyways. Princess is still keeping us running with practices for Softball, Basketball and Volleyball. Her 1st volleyball game was yesterday. Just as the Volleyball games will end it will be back to running every saturday for her Basketball games and Mr Man's basketball games. So I'm not really missing soccer too much :)
Glad the girls had fun.

Believer in Balance said...

Ah, we're living the same life! Fortunately, we don't have soccer games this holiday weekend. But Thursday we went to music lessons, grabbed bagels for dinner and ate them on the way to soccer practice. That can't be good for the digestion!

Anonymous said...

You really do take amazing pictures! I feel like I was was sitting right there. Glad I wasn't thou, I hate, hate, hate the heat. It is just not normal for it to be so hot in October!! Poor Abby being out there all morning, and then having to go play. No wonder her heart wasn't in it, and she wanted that hot shirt off! Becca sure looks like she wants to be part of the big kids so bad!! This pictures always make me laugh because they bring back so many memories of when the girls were younger and they all played on Saturday mornings. Soccer games consumed my life for many years. Now it is Track and Field, Cheerleading and Acting. Still, the soccer was the best, because it was their first organized sport. So cute, and fun to watch them grow each year, and get better and better!

Wendy said...

those are great action shots:)

Anna said...

I love your soccer pictures.