Friday, January 4, 2008

Aloha Friday #15

alohafriday5 It's Friday again! My favorite day of the week. Especially a short work week like this one has been. :)

Here's my question for this week's Aloha Friday:

What is your child's (or children's) favorite gift that he/she/they received over the holidays this year?

My kids got way too much this year, as usual. But they each do have a clear favorite or two. Abby loves her kitty that moves and makes real meowing noises. Hannah was thrilled to receive her Barbie as the Island Princess doll that she'd wanted, and she also loves her puppy that grows and knows her (and its) name. Becca has a lot of favorites, but has played the most with her magnetic fridge farm matching toy and her stuffed Backyardigan friends (she already had Uniqua, Pablo and Tyrone but got Tasha and Austin for Christmas), of course. She sleeps with them every night and carries the whole crew out into the living room with her as soon as she gets up in the morning.

Oh yes, and all 3 girls got Webkinz pets from our friends Carlos and Cheryl - Abby and Hannah have been inseparable from their black kitty and pink poodle (one guess which animal goes with which girl, LOL), but Becca so far has been completely unimpressed with her lion. We have yet to do much with the whole online part of it, other than going in and getting it set up for the bigger girls, but it'll be fun to explore and see everything they can do.

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8 wonderful people said...:

Heart of Rachel said...

My son received many lovely gifts this Christmas but his favorite is the dream kitchen he asked for. He is inspired to be a chef because he often sees his Dad cooking. If you have time, I posted about it here:

Charlotte (Charmed Life) said...

my son is 1-year old! he received a lot of toys but i don't see him playing just one toy. he plays with all of them, however he is particularly fond of destroying the structures my husband and I build from his mega blocks!

- charlotte (charmed life)

Courtney said...

My 3 year old son loved his skates that you put on over your shoes. He never takes them off now. My 1 year old daughter loves everything my son got. She hardly plays with anything she got! Go figure.

Mo said...

J loved her Razor Scooter, and O loved her Puppy in my Pocket castle. They each got way too many gifts, but at least we had room for them :)

Sher :) said...

My kids love their Wii. Once they opened it, we never saw them again. :)

Jacki said...

My daughter plays with pretty much everything she got. She has never been one to favor one toy over another, but gives each an equal opportunity.

Kelly said...

my son got a guitar with a microphone and he wants us to sing while he plays. It's cute but I'm hoping he forgets about the guitar for a little while. ( :

kailani said...

Girlie Girl's favorite is her pink digital camera. Baby Bug loves her Littlest Pet Shop set!

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