Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #24 - All about Becca!

thursdaybanner12 On Monday, my littlest girl will turn two years old. I can hardly believe that the past two years have flown by so fast! In keeping with my T13 post about Hannah when her birthday came around last fall, I'm dedicating this week's list to my little Becca-boo. So here are 13 things that you may or may not know about her!

  1. Becca's full name is Rebecca Eleanor. Her middle name is the same as my mom's, and her first name is the last 'girl' one that Ron and I both liked - it was pretty slim pickings after we'd already used our first and second choices... But I do love the name and it fits her very well.

  2. Becca was born the day before her due date. I'll post her birth story on Monday, but she was induced because of a few concerns that my doctor had. I wasn't about to argue - I was very, very ready to meet my 3rd baby girl and even more ready to not be pregnant anymore, LOL.

  3. Becca was the most difficult baby out of our three, not counting Hannah's bout with reflux. She wasn't colicky and didn't have reflux, but she just seemed to need attention much more than the other two had. Or maybe it's just that I was home longer with her than I was with Abby or Hannah, plus under a lot of stress.

  4. She weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces at birth - almost right exactly in between Abby and Hannah's birth weights. She was a pretty skinny, long baby and has turned into a tall, um, robust toddler. She is definitely no lightweight anymore and if she keeps growing at this rate, I think she'll catch up to Hannah before too long. :)

  5. Becca is the spitting image of Ron. And I'm not kidding - look and see for yourself. Everybody who sees her says the same thing. However, she does have my eyes. :)

  6. She not only wants to do everything that her big sisters do - she thinks she can. She's way ahead of where they were developmentally at this age, because she doesn't seem to understand that she's just too little to do some things.

  7. She's finally starting to maybe grow a bit of hair. Not long or thick enough to actually do anything with yet, but you can actually fluff it up at least a little bit. However, what she lacks in hair, she makes up for in teeth - she's got a full mouth of them, including all four of her 2-year-old molars which have come in completely already.

  8. Becca is stubborn, with a capital 'S'. Oh my goodness, is this little girl stubborn. And pig-headed. And determined. She knows what she wants and she's not willing to take no for an answer. At least not without a fight. Or a tantrum. Oh yes, we're into the 'terrible' of the two's already...

  9. She has a smile that can light up the room, and the cutest little dimple, just like her Daddy (what did I tell you!). When she is happy, she bounces. And giggles. And laughs right out loud.

  10. She is very huggable. And kissable. I know this from much experience. :)

  11. Becca is so proud of herself when she accomplishes something that the 'big girls' do. Like brushing her hair, putting on her boots, taking off her coat, putting her hat on, sleeping in a 'real' bed, and going potty.

  12. Speaking of the potty... She insists on sitting on it and going every time we change her diaper. And she'll ask to use it at other times as well. We weren't going to push her or rush her into potty training, but she's pretty much made the decision for herself that she's ready. On the other hand, she won't go potty at daycare - she won't even set foot in the bathroom. Such a silly little boo.

  13. Her language is exploding. She uses new words every day and is putting them together in sentences like crazy. From "I need help!" to "night, night, Mommy - tank ewe" when I tuck her into bed, to "I snuggle" when she wants to crawl up into our laps, to calling all 5 of her Backyardigan 'friends' by their names, and repeating numbers and letters when we ask her to. The other day, she was doing her little plastic puzzle then when it was put together, she'd hold it up sideways, go 'one', 'two', and then on 'three' she'd turn it the rest of the way upside down so all the pieces fell out. She did this over and over, very pleased with herself. What a goofball.

So, there it is, (yes, Kristi - another 'ode' to Becca, LOL), my Becca 'Punkin' in 13 things. I have her birthday off from work and the girls have it off from school (thank you, MLK Jr. Day!), so we can have a fun family day at home.

Happy birthday, Becca-boo!




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20 wonderful people said...:

grace said...

Yes she is a carbon copy of her dad. Adorable little girl! Happy TT.

Joyful Days said...

What a dolly!! Happy Birthday Becca!

Sandy Carlson said...

You have a beautiful child, and she has a beautiful mom.

jenn said...

Happy birthday to becca!

I also find that my third child is more advanced than my other two kids, and I believe it is from watching the older kids, and wanting to be like them, like you said. She was also potty trained by 2, on her own. She would follow her sister into the potty, and one day, when she was around 22 months, decided she wanted to do the same thing. I was lucky, because she was diaper free by 2, even at night!
Happy tt!

Kristi said...

Okay, you said it...I was just thinking it. Great list...very fitting. Have a great Thursday.

storyteller said...

What a special way to celebrate her birthday! I enjoyed learning more about her and your family.
Hugs and blessings,

~Amber~ said...

She is so unbelievably cute!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!!!

suchsimplepleasures said...

happy birthday, becca!!!
i might borrow your tt, when it becomes my childrens birthdays...hope you don't mind!!!

Believer in Balance said...

Happy Birthday Becca! I continue to find more things about you that we have in common! My third baby turned one today. Gotta love January birthdays! My grandmother's name was Eleanore, my middle name is Eleanore and we named our third baby in honor of her. Her name is Elle (shh! The rest of the blogosphere knows her as Turbo Tot.)My oldest daughter's middle name is Rebecca. My third baby's birth weight was right in the middle of the first two. Must be something about having three girls!

pussreboots said...

My youngest will be turning two this fall. Happy TT.

Jennifer said...

Great list! Gave me an idea for March's TT!!
Be sure to check out my list of 13 FREE sample offers!!

Anna said...

She's such a precious punkin! Great list.

emily said...

wow, is she a cutie or what? Great post!

Linette said...

She looks like quite the little angel! Two is such a fun age, even though you don't always think so when their there...

Hope she has a wonderful birthday!

Nap Warden said...

Happy Birthday little one!

Childlife said...

Happy birthday Becca : )

That side by side photo comparison of her and Ron is just something else - LOL!

Anonymous said...

You said stubborn and I flashed right back to the Big Screen TV Incident. LOL!

This is a very special list. Thanks for sharing!

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Becca!!

I just LOVE her smile! And I know what you mean about them talking in sentences, it's amazing. One day, they are just saying a couple of words, the next they are communicating. :)

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post - one that she can read when she's older. What a nice thing to have all these memories and thoughts written down!!!

*Also thank you for the blogging buddy award!!!

crazy working mom said...

She is SO adorable! :)