Friday, January 4, 2008

Fun Friday Awards

I am very glad that this first week back from vacation has been a short one. Having to get myself and the girls up at 6:30am again has proven to be a struggle over the past several days (just ask my frustrated hubby), as has trying to get all of us out of the house on time. Abby and Hannah go back to school next week and all of our evening activities start back up then as well though, so I am happy to be jumping back into the 'swing' of things relatively slowly. And very happy that it's Friday and another two days off are ahead of me before I have to deal with all of the craziness again. :)

I need to catch back up (again!) on some bloggy housekeeping items and Fridays always seem to be such a good time for that. I have a few awards to acknowledge - and some tags as well, but I'll probably do those in separate posts so that this one doesn't get way too long.


Isn't this a very cool idea for an award! I received the "I Less-than-three your Blog!" award from Karen at Pediascribe a little while ago. She said,

"One more thing….Deb at Mom of 3 Girls….I less-than-three your blog too, but you just posted way too much for me to keep up with! Girl, I’m up to 39 unread posts from you! So you can accept this award from me even though you probably thought I stopped reading two weeks ago! I do less-than-three your blog!!"

LOL, I think I did go a little post crazy back in December - maybe the freedom of not having to post every day after NaBloPoMo ended caused me to create what I will admit was probably an overabundance of wordiness. Oops. Hopefully I can keep a somewhat steadier pace here in 2008 and will try to post on a regular basis without overwhelming anyone. :)

Anyway, thank you Karen - it means a lot to me that you even tried to keep up, especially considering how crazy busy your life has been. I 'less-than-three' your blog right back!

I'd like to pass this award along as well to a few new (to me anyway) blogs that I've discovered recently - And Babies Make Six, From Talbots to Target, and Overstuffed.


Over at The Life of a School Bus Driver! I received a wonderful Christmas present - I was her 'Blogger of the Day' on December 25th. What an honor - and thank you so much! :)


Wow, this was a surprise - I discovered that I was included in 1 Million Love Messages' list of 2007 inspiring blogs. Thank you so much! Here is the full list of all 200 awardees:

1-Cotojo 2-Lisa -Deborah 4-Pearl 5-Sandy 6-Jesse 7-Chris 8-Santa 9-BlogElf 10-Jackie 11-Marzie 12-Adrian 13- 15-NAFASG 14-PolliwogFrog 15-Sue 16-Kathy 17-Maartje 18-Morgan 19-Greg 20-MaryAnn 21-Eric 22-Hawk 23-Carol 24-Diane 25-EvNucci 26-Surjit 27-Kuanyin 28-ChristyZ 29-Sandee 30-Robin 31-Hanna 32-Maunie 33-Kim 34-Bobby 35-Billy 36-David 37-Jennifer 38-Aryst 39-Winston 40-Christy 41-LilyRuth 42-Jess 43-Rudy 44-Lynda 45-Lili 46-SandyG 47-Ange 48-BlackWyrm 49-Vincent 50-Colin&Anne 51-BlandlyUrbane 52-Marco 53-Mihaela 54-John 55-Aziz 56-Ugyen 57-Lansy 58-Alex 59-Victors 60-Nostalgia 61-Franco 62-Herby 63-Rubie 64-Santaram&BVK 65-Jean-David 66-Namgay 67-Catherine 68-Yunita 69-PJLighthouse 70-Lorimer 71-DreamCatcher 72-Fred 73-Anja 74-MariaLourdes 75-JonB 76-Aayush 77-Denise 78-Dharmendra 79-BrentD 80-Jerry&Daryl 81-BrianB 82-Calvin 83-Pieter 84-Jessica 85-Taflas 86-Alex 87-Norie 88-Justin 89-Ashish 90-David 91-Thanate 92-Kevin 93-Etienne 94-Gerbera 95-Christina 96-AbhishekD 97-Uprai 98-TexasJam 99-Azmiel 100-Daniel 101-Kristin 102-Luwis 103-Adavait 104-NowSourcing 105-BuenAmigo 106-Kiran 107-Peterson 108-Lynn 109-Chessnoid 110-LuisHipolito 111-Joliveira 112-Jennifer&Pete 113-TeamDog 114-Megan 115-Mark 116-Raivyn 117-Mel 118-Andrea 119-Jen 120-Mimi 121-Bobo 122-Lynda 123-DreadBob 124-Julie 125-RennyBA 126-Bobbarama 127-Becky 128-Magdalena 129-Michelle 130-Stacie 131-ClimateTeam 132-CashMarble 133-OilOffShore 134-Piper 135-Barbara 136-Ann 137-Deb 138-Headbanger 139-Danny 140-Morina 141-Aira 142-Jericho 143-Jeane Michelle 144-Breigh 145-SecretMind 146-Awannabe 147-Gerri 148-Colin 149-eRocker 150-Kitty 151-Mariuca 152-Donna 153-Babyshern 154-Sanni 155-SatoNa 156-Cyn 157-Nessa 158-Steve 159-Francisco 160-Em 161-Christo 162-Riccardo 163-Naren 164-Denise 165-KingTang 166-El 167-Francesco 168-Bella 169-Chris 170-Fe 171-Jim&Emma 172-Incinq 173-Cristian 174-Matson 175-Kiwipulse 176-Sean 177-Anne 178-Xerendipity 179-Omega 180-Debra 181-SJ 182-Joseph 183-Nikki 184-Pocholo 185-BloggerNoob 186-Filot 187-Aseem 188-Mark 189-Antonio 190-Henry 191-Jamiz 192-Tamsyn 193-EverydayWeekender 194-JustMe 195-Brent 196-Ink 197-Alan 198-Debbie 199- BlueRibbonBloggers 200- Me


I also received an award from (and created by) El Gigante Verdoso - the 'You Rock My Socks' award, which was given to mostly the same list as the one above, so I won't include it here. Thank you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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6 wonderful people said...:

Corey~living and loving said...

AS always Deb, so deserving of the awards. :) You rock.

HANNA said...

Congrats for Awards!
I'm in...
Txs for linking.
Auguri from Italy

Queen Mommy said...

I am honored! Have a great weekend!

childlife said...

Congrats on the new awards Deb! And good luck getting back into the routine : )

RennyBA said...

Congrats with all this awards and I do understand: You really have a great, interesting and readable blog.

Thanks for the link love! I've collected the same as you've done in my Awards page.

Btw: Since I'm a new visitor: Hello from Norway and I wish you A Happy New Year!

Lara said...

A little late to the party, but thank you so much for the award and for the link! :)