Saturday, January 5, 2008

In a toddler's words...

Becca was tagged by Sophia, daughter of Jenny over at Mommin It Up, to do a meme of 8 things about herself and life with sisters... So I'm turning my keyboard over to her to see what she can come up with! Ok, I may help a little with translation and typing... :)

  1. I AM a big girl! I must be at least 5 or 6 years old by now, right? I mean, I can do pretty much everything that those big sisters of mine can do now. I can sit at the table and eat with a fork and spoon (so what if I make a bit of a mess...). I can brush my own hair (ok, at least what hair I have). I sleep in a 'big girl' bed just like they do (even if it's a lot smaller), and I really like climbing up into Abby's top bunk in their room. Maybe Mommy and Daddy will let me sleep up there one day. I can even sit on the potty, although I need a tiny bit of help still. But c'mon Mom, when am I going to get to try out the 'big girl' undies?

  2. Ok, so I'm still only one finger old. But my birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so then I'll be two whole fingers! I can't wait to eat cake on my birthday - I love cake! Well, the frosting anyway. I leave the rest for Mommy because I'm nice like that. :)

  3. I have 5 best friends. They go with me everywhere, or at least I think they should. I love to hug them and talk to them and make them talk to and hug each other. Want to meet them?


    Let's see, on the left is "Neekee", then next is "Tiwone", then "Babo" and "Tsha-sha" and then "Aussin". My friends are famous - I see them on tv, and in books, and on plates and bowls and toys everywhere!

  4. I love my big sisters. Except when they try to play with my toys or keep me out of their room. But see that's where all of the really fun stuff is, so I keep trying and sometimes I can sneak in and play with their toys and stuffed animals. At least until one of my sisters finds out and calls for Mommy or Daddy to come and get me. I hate that! I stand at their doorway and shake the safety gate - one of these days I know I'm going to figure out how to open it, just like I figured out how to open doors.

  5. I am a star soccer player. Maybe if I practice real hard with any ball I can find, big sisters will let me join one of their teams this spring. I tried to practice when we went to this place called a 'bowling alley' last week, but Mommy wouldn't let me kick any of the balls they had there, no matter how much I tried. I have no idea why...

  6. I am a Mommy's girl. Except when I want Daddy to hold or play with me. My Daddy is so fun to play with - he swings me with his arms, and bounces me, and tickles me and gives me horsie rides. And he builds me tall block towers to knock down. I wish Daddy were home more often.

  7. Along with my Backyardigan friends, I love Dora the Explorer and I also like to watch the 'Gig-gles' (aka the Wiggles) and I love seeing my Little People toys come to life in their very own movies. I ask to watch "Pee-pul" every chance I get. And if Mommy doesn't put it on for me, I bring her the remote and put it in her hand so she can push the buttons to turn it on.

  8. I am very helpful. I get Mommy out of bed on the weekends - I even pull the blankets off of her and tell her to 'get up' over and over. Somehow she's not too appreciative though... And I make sure that all of the food's gone off of my plate when I'm done eating - I mean, the leftovers belong on the floor right? But Mommy keeps picking them up and hiding them on me - how's a girl to get a snack later that way?
Ok, that's 8 right? I can't count quite that high yet... Mommy says I'm supposed to tag some other kids to tell us 8 things about them too. I think I want to know more about being two, so I'm going to tag Baby Bug over at An Island Life since she just had her birthday, Maggie and Audrey at Momma Bean since they've been two for a few months (and I'd love to hear what it's like to be a twin!), Sugar Bear from Living and Loving Every Minute Of It, because she's been two for almost a whole year now, and Aidan at Mom Knows Everything because he just turned three.

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3 wonderful people said...:

~Amber~ said...

LOL!!! I loved reading those!!!

Anna said...

While you're at it, you better get Becca her own domain, too. She's gonna need a blog of her own real soon!

She's so precious.

kailani said...

Cool! Baby Bug's first meme. I get mine up soon! Thank you!