Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Morning Meme #1

Monday Morning Meme at writefromkaren.comKaren from WriteFromKaren has started a new meme, appropriately titled the 'Monday Morning Meme'. :)

Some of the other Monday ones I've tried seem to have vanished or update rarely if at all, so I thought I'd give this one a try since it sounds like fun. I can usually handle answering questions on Monday morning, especially if it doesn't require me to think too much.

So here we go for this week...

January 7th Questions:

1. Name three pet peeves.

Hmm, I do have a lot of pet peeves, but somehow can never think of what any of them are when I'm asked about it. Ok, here's one that does come to mind - I hate when someone cooks or prepares food in the kitchen without cleaning up after themselves. Not that I can think of anyone at all who might normally do this. Nope, not at all, LOL. Just because I'm constantly wiping off my counters from all of the crumbs left there when a certain someone makes sandwiches for himself, or throwing away butter wrappers, empty cans or whatever else, and putting used knives and plates in the sink... Nope, nobody still comes to mind!

Another one of mine is when I have a certain place that I keep something so that I can always find it when I need it. Such as keeping my nail clippers in a certain drawer, or a pen in a specific spot in the kitchen. I absolutely can't stand when I go to grab my nail clippers or my favorite pen and it's not there because someone else has used it and not replaced it. Um, I keep my things where they belong so that I won't lose them - and it drives me nuts when I lose them anyway because somebody else didn't put them away where they belong. I don't mind if my stuff is used - just put it back where you found it! And I live with 2 big culprits of this - Ron and Abby. I've been trying to teach all of the girls about being careful with their things and putting them away so that they can always find them, but that hasn't worked very well yet.

Ok, so a third pet peeve... People who don't RSVP for birthday parties. I can't believe how many people you never hear from and it's so hard to try and figure out how much of everything to get and how much you want to spend when you have no idea who's coming! So please, if you or your child is invited somewhere - take a minute, pick up the phone and RSVP! :)

2. What kind of movie would you rather not see?

I hate horror movies. A good thriller is ok, especially if it's suspenseful and interesting. But not the gory, scare you just for the sake of scaring you kind of movie. Nope, not a fan. And although I do like comedies in general, I absolutely cannot stand the type of 'stupid' humor that's become so popular nowadays. A good romantic comedy is fine, or something that can be funny without bathroom humor, characters who act like idiots or where characters are put into embarrassing situations... I can do without all of that.

3. What is your favorite Walt Disney character? Why?

Um, I'm not really sure that I have a favorite Disney character. I mean I enjoy many of the movies, but none of the characters stand out to me in particular. At one time I might have said Winnie the Pooh, but after using that as the theme in Abby's nursery, I got quite 'Pooh-ed' out. :)

4. Is there a much-loved singer that scares or stings your ears?

Wow, these definitely require a lot of thought for a Monday morning... But here goes. I hate the voices of a few popular singers. Not necessarily their songs, just their voices. People such as Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart, Ray Charles - I guess those who have a gritty or 'gravely' voice. Oh, and I have never understood the appeal of Idol winner Fantasia's singing - I am in awe of everything she's been able to accomplish in her life and she is an incredible performer, but her actual voice has always grated on me. Sorry to any huge fans of these singers who might be reading this!

So that's it for this Monday Morning - check out other answers over at Write From Karen! :)

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3 wonderful people said...:

baby advice said...

I am with you on horror movies!!! I can't stand them!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I played along. :)

Karen said...

Deb!! Congrats on your own domain name!!! Woot! Freedom! *grin*

The pet peeves had me laughing. My husband likes to "organize" us and when he does, we can NEVER find anything. AARGH! The boys and I CRINGE whenever he gets in the organizing mood.

And you're going to hate me, but I always forget to RSVP. Always. I always end up apologizing for it later but I bet other moms hate me. lol

Thanks so much for playing!! I hope to see you back next Monday. Again, congrats on the domain name!

Write From Karen