Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekend update

So, it's Monday. Back to work, back to school for the girls, back to daycare for Becca. And back to our evening activities - tonight it's cheerleading for Hannah. Which I would be inclined to drop after this session's over, since it's such a pain to get her to and from there, but she absolutely loves it. So I'll probably end up finally buying her a pair of 'official' pom-poms tonight instead. The funny thing is that Abby does not like the cheerleading class, but she loves to cheer. She had $10 to spend after Christmas this year, thanks to my aunt and uncle, and she used it to buy a cheerleading kit with pom poms, baton, mat and DVD. I think she likes it because she can do the DVD on her own and doesn't have to worry about keeping up with other kids. Plus it's the same all the time, so she can better learn all of the routines and steps.

We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Saturday the girls and I hung out at home pretty much all day, except for a quick trip to the store for Hannah, Becca and I after Ron got home. Well, I thought it would be quick, but Becca managed to lose one of her boots somewhere in the store, so after backtracking and searching all over, we went up to the service desk and thankfully someone had turned it in.

Yesterday the girls and I went to church in the morning. Since our church does Sunday School during the 9:30 am service and I like to attend the 11:05 am service (the contemporary one), we generally spend all morning there, and Becca ends up in the toddler room in Little Lambs' Hall twice. Normally she has a blast playing with the other kids and the toys in there. And yesterday was the same as usual for the first service. However, when I went to drop her off for the second service (the one that I actually attend), she was clingy and fussy and began crying as I left. And 10 minutes later I was paged to come back and get her because she was screaming so much they were afraid she'd make herself sick. So Becca came into the service with me and other than a few attempts to tug on my hand saying, "Get up!", she did fine. I could tell she was tired though, so figured that she would take a good nap that afternoon.

And I really thought she had because she was quiet for quite a long time that afternoon after being put down. Some days lately she'll sit in her room and play, but I can usually tell because I can hear her talking to her stuffed animals and toys. But yesterday I didn't hear a peep.

When I finally did hear her talking, I figured she must have woken up so went in to get her. I was greeted by the sight of this:


Here's a bit of a closer look...


Someone (and I doubt it was her Backyardigan friends!) very carefully shredded almost an entire box of wipes. And also very carefully piled them on top of the box afterward. And she did it all without a peep!

I managed to salvage a few larger pieces, but other than a lot of very damp confetti, the rest was pretty much useless.

And apparently one of her Backyardigan friends ended up in her laundry hamper - whether as Becca's idea of a 'time-out' or accidentally, I have no idea...


Maybe she was trying to put the blame on Tasha for shredding the wipes? :)

Oh yes, and one more quick Becca photo... After lunch, she got down from her chair by herself, took her bowl and spoon over to the sink, apparently stood on her tippytoes and dropped them in the sink (Ron and I could hear all of this - we were in the living room). Then she took off her bib, threw it on the floor and came into the living room. She needed a good cleaning-up - any guesses as to what she had for lunch?


LOL - that silly macaroni noodle stuck to her head for at least 10 minutes before I finally got her to hold still enough for me to pick it off and wipe her face.

Yesterday afternoon, while Ron took a nap, the girls and I headed over to my friend Kristi's house. I've talked a bit about Kristi and her family before - she and I have been friends for about 15 years now, since college. Well yesterday while the kids played, we sat down and she set up her very own blog! So now I can harass her keep up with her family here in the blogosphere. If you want to stop by and welcome her to the blogging world, you can check out her blog at Music Mom of 2. Her 2 boys are Noah (5) and Aaron (3) - and they are pretty darn cute! Here's a picture that I love of them with Abby and Hannah - taken last spring:


And I'll leave you with this photo that I took before bedtime last night of my girls having fun with the pieces to Becca's plastic Backyardigans puzzle...


Happy Monday, everyone! :)

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5 wonderful people said...:

Kristi said...

Thanks for the invite, Deb. How did the girls get the pieces to stick??

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my....thatlast photo there is priceless. :) I love little Becca.

Tiff said...

LOL my oldest used to do the wipes thing when she was little. It literally looked like it had snowed in her room!. The boys do it too but so far i have caught them right at the beginning!

KC said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend.. I'm heading over to your friends blog to say hello and welcome right now. LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture from lastnight of the girls.
happy Monday

~Amber~ said...

I sure am glad that my toddler isn't the only one that is into shredding boxes of wipes. I have to keep them hidden at all times :)