Friday, January 11, 2008

Two tags

I was tagged for these a little while ago and am just now (cough) getting to them... So on with the fun!

This first one I was tagged for by both Anna and Tammy - a 'simple game of tag'.

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The rule:
When you get tagged, you name the person who tagged you then tag 5 others. Copy the entire list into your post, and let's see how big this can get!
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Let's see, I think I'll tag Jen, Jodi, Amber, Kristi and Kellie on this one.

I've also been tagged several times to do the '7 weird things about me' meme, this time by MomOfThree, Anna, KC, and Jodi. Ok, ok - I get the hint! You all want to know 7 weird things about me, huh. Well, here goes.

Here are ~Da Rules~ The rules are for me to link to the person who tagged me, list 7 weird things about myself and then tag 7 others to play along. And also, most importantly, let them know they have been tagged.

  1. I eat my hamburgers with ketchup only and not just that, I need a lot of ketchup on them. To the point where Ron usually jokes that I'm having a little bit of burger with my ketchup. I often confuse the people at McDonalds when I order hamburgers with 'only extra' ketchup. And I've noticed that the definition of 'extra' varies from one McDonalds to another. :)

  2. I use my computer mouse with my left hand, but I still have the buttons set as they are for right-handed people. This is the way I learned to use a mouse and even though I know that I could change the buttons, I don't want to have to get used to something new.

  3. I have double-pierced ears but I don't remember the last time I changed my earrings in either hole. I'm allergic to everything except 'real' gold or silver and also have a tendency to lose one out of each set of my expensive earrings, so I have a nice collection of single expensive earrings that don't match each other and quite a few 'cheap' pairs that cause my ears to itch, swell and ooze pus. This is one reason I'm in no hurry to try piercing any of the girls' ears, even if they wanted to.

  4. I eat the same thing for lunch, pretty much every day. A ham and turkey sandwich on wheat bread with Miracle Whip Light, and Baked Lays original chips. And a Diet Pepsi, if I'm at work. Every so often if I want a change, I'll go out for lunch on a workday, but otherwise, that's what I bring. In fact, I'm eating as I type this... :)

  5. I used to not be able to just sit and watch tv - I had to be doing something else too, like reading or crocheting. Nowadays though I barely have the energy to concentrate on tv, much less do anything else while I'm watching it.

  6. I like watching tv with commercials. Not that I watch the commercials, but I like having the break to go and get a drink or use the bathroom. Ron hates commercials, so this drives him nuts. Having a DVR with the option to either pause tv or fast forward through commercials has done a lot to keep our marriage afloat, LOL.

  7. My feet have both grown and gotten wider after each pregnancy. Before I had kids, I wore a size 7 1/2 or 8 and could wear either normal or wide width shoes. Now I need an 8 1/2 to a 9 and even many of the wide width shoes aren't wide enough. I hate shopping for shoes since I have such a hard time finding ones that fit comfortably and are affordable. I wish I could wear sandals with adjustable straps all year long.

Ok, so that's my 7 weird things! Hmm, I don't think I'm going to tag anyone on this one, but feel free to play along if you would like! :)

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9 wonderful people said...:

Tammy said...

Thanks for doing the meme. Have a great weekend!

Corey~living and loving said...

oooo I love lots of ketchup on my burger as well. that just made me soooooooo hungry!

oh and I have a prezzie for you on my bloggity blog!

Not the Queen said...

Love lots of ketchup! But I like other stuff, too.

Thanks for stopping by!

stacys1175 said...

you did a really good job on this post:) I also enjoy have comericals on T.V. it gives me a chance to flip and get up and do something. and I also like a lot of ketchup on my burgers. HE!!HE!!:)

KC said...

Great job, thanks for playing along..

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm in this tag too. :)

Childlife said...

I'm the same with #5 and #7 (went from size 6 1/2 to 8 1/2 - was NOT happy about losing all my nice pre-preggo shoes!)

MomOf3 said...

Thanks for playing!! My feet got wider after each pregnancy too. :)

Anna said...

I like mustard better than ketchup. In fact, recently I decided to try some ketchup on my hotdogs along with my usual mustard and relish, and I didn't even like it. No more ketchup for me - except on French fries.

I have lots of tags I really, really need to get to.