Friday, November 16, 2007

Aloha Friday #8

It's Friday again! My favorite day of the week. :)

So here's my question for this week's Aloha Friday:

How many phones do you have in your house? And what kind (cell, cordless, corded, etc.)?

We have one corded land-line phone in our kitchen. And one in the basement computer room. Then we have 2 cordless handsets upstairs (when we can find both of them, that is). I have a cell phone. Ron has 2 cell phones - his Nextel for work and his personal cell phone.

Abby has already started asking for a phone - um, I don't think a 6-year-old has any need for one, sorry! :)

Head on over to Kailani's to join in on the Aloha Friday fun!

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15 wonderful people said...:

Sher :) said...

Wow, I have 7. I had no idea we had so many.
1 is a cell phone.
3 are cordless
3 are regular wall/desk phones

Sheila @ Go Visit Hawaii said...

Happy Aloha Friday!

We have 4 cordless phones, with one each in the bedroom, kitchen, office and tv room. We also have two cellphones. One of these days we should just drop the landlines all together.

Summer said...

We have two, one cell one home.
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MamaLee said...

Hm. Wall unit here in the kitchen. Also a cordless. Desk unit in the master bedroom. And hubby and I both have a cordless. So 5.

At least I don't have a wall unit in my bathroom like my mom does. Yikes.

pinkjagxj said...

Way too many!!
2 cell phones.
9 cordless.
1 old fashion land line for power blackouts.
Eeewww, that's 12.
But remember, there's no running to find a phone when it rings in my house!! :)

Marie said...

We just have 2 cell phones.

Anna said...

Oh, good question!

3 cordless phones - one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the basement. They all connect through one base unit, and we actually have two extra handsets that we haven't activated yet.
3 cell phones - Jeffrey's, mine, and the kids' - which Beth claims as her very own and never lets Cory use without much protestation. We didn't get the 3rd phone until recently, when she started driving, because I don't want her out on the road without a way to get in contact with us or someone just in case something happens.

Kelly said...

we have 1 cordless and my husband and I each have a cell. We also have a corded phone down stairs in case the power ever goes out but it's not plugged in.

Christine said...

We have 3 cordless, 1 corded, and 5 cell phones, so that's 9.

I really don't like the corded one, I like to walk around the house while I'm talking, helps to keep an eye on everyone, so I'm not tied to one spot. :)

Have a great weekend.

kailani said...

We have 4 cordless phones and 2 cell phones. We have a bunch of phones that don't work as well.

Meisha said...

One of each:1 corded, 1 cordless, 1 cell phone!

Audra said...

We have three cordless: one on my desk, one on our bedside table, and one in the kitchen. Hubby has a cell, and my daughter has a cell. I'm trying to convince hubby to get me a cell. :)

baby advice said...

2 cell phones

momg said...

We have three, one for each adult. That's it.

JHS said...

Ok, Deb, I really had to think about this for awhile . . . :-)

Landlines: We have 5 phones in the house. One in each bedroom (3), plus one in the family room and the one here on my desk which is a combination phone & fax machine.

Cell: We have 3 cell phones. We had 4, but Mattie-Boo lost his and did not even realize it until I got the bill, noticed a LOT of activity and then called his number. When the loud, obnoxious, obscenity-laden rap music started, I yelled, "Houston, we have a problem."