Thursday, November 29, 2007

Throwback Thursday #18 - The Day After Thanksgiving

It was five years ago, on November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving, that you were born. My little peanut, my Hannah Banana, Hannah-Bear, an after Turkey-Day sweetheart. My Black Friday baby.

You came into a world of hustle and busy-ness, with the holiday spirit aglow. To a loving big sister (sometimes almost too much, LOL!), family and friends.

You took our comfy little world by storm and you made it sparkle and shine in true drama queen fashion.

For you, life is better with an audience after all.

I've watched you learn and grow into the beautiful 5-year-old girl that you are today and can't remember when you weren't in my life.

Happy Birthday, Hannah. Mommy loves you very much.

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5 wonderful people said...:

Skittle said...

What beautiful pictures! She is so lucky to have a mom who makes her birthday such a special day.

Wendy said...

What a nice post:) I love all the photos! I am new here, so it's fun to see what was!!

Summer said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I hope you have a happy day.

Corey~living and loving said...

Happy birthday big girl! It is so fun to see how much she has grown. sigh...

Anna said...

So am I correct in guessing that you didn't go shopping on that particular Black Friday? Or did you go into labor in the middle of Kohl's?

I love the pictures. It's nice to watch Hannah grow up in them.