Thursday, November 1, 2007

Well, make it two (at least) sick little girls...


This feels like deja vu. Didn't we just go through this a couple of weeks ago?

Let's see, at last count (bedtime) tonight, we had 3 girls coughing, one with a fever, and two who threw up at some point today.

One who went to school. One who stayed home. And one who went to daycare, threw up in her highchair at lunchtime and therefore necessitated me bringing a coughing, feverish Hannah out in the cold to go pick up her little sister.

I spent the morning asleep in the recliner with Hannah while the Disney Channel played in the background. I only woke up at noon when the phone rang - daycare calling to tell me that Becca had thrown up.

When I got off the phone, Hannah had migrated from chair to floor and was lying on her stomach complaining that it hurt. She said she didn't have to throw up, so after 10 minutes of trying to convince her to get up, I finally carried her to the van and strapped her in. Thankfully I also brought the mixing bowl that we were using as a 'puke bucket' because it was then that she threw up. I had no choice but to leave her in the van though so we could go get Becca.

I spent the afternoon watching Dora, Diego and who knows what else, dozing on the couch while Hannah watched tv and slept (on the floor) and Becca watched tv, played and dozed (on me). I tried getting Hannah off the floor, but that's where she wanted to be. With the bowl nearby, just in case...

Later on she did let me put a pillow under her head, but that's pretty much how she spent the rest of the day, other than when I had to stick the two of them back in the van to go pick Abby up from daycare.

Yes, I slept a lot today. No, I'm not sick (yet?). Just tired.

All three of them were coughing tonight. Hannah and Becca threw up today and Hannah was the only one running a fever. I have no idea how to tell who's actually sick or who's well enough to go to school/daycare tomorrow. At this point, I'm just figuring that I'll be staying home with somebody tomorrow and we'll have to wait until morning to find out how many of them and who.

This does not bode well for the rest of the winter. I think maybe it's time to sanitize my house and stock up on vitamins for everyone.


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3 wonderful people said...:

Wendy said...

AWW!! Poor baby! I hope that they are in tip top shape today!!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Poor little things. Hannah just looks miserable. :(

Christine said...

Poor babies.

I know I'm not sick either just tired.

I hope your girls are feeling better soon too.