Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14 - Why am I still awake?

Thirteen Things about Why I'm Still Awake at 12:30 am

Wow, am I tired. I really need to be asleep right now. However, there are 'just' a few reasons why I'm not. And here, for your viewing pleasure, they are. Sorry - I'm a bit slap-happy, so hopefully this will at least make sense.
  1. Noise - There is a toddler crying in the room across the hall. She's been crying off and on for about 15 minutes now. And yes, this started at midnight. I'm trying to avoid going in and getting her, but there's no way I can sleep while she's crying like this.

  2. Writing - Hmm, well I'm really trying to finish and post this T13 list before I go to sleep... :)

  3. Television - I left tonight's episode of CSI: Miami paused (yes, I love our DVR!) earlier tonight and probably should at least watch a little more of it before I go to sleep.

  4. Quiet - Well, other than Becca crying, I enjoy the peace and quiet while (most) everyone is sleeping at night. It's a good time to get things done.

  5. Avoid - I know it's silly, but I always hate to go to sleep because that just makes the next day come sooner (or so it seems) and when I have a busy day ahead, I tend to stay up too late the night before. Yes, I know dealing with a busy day when I'm short on sleep doesn't help matters any, but who said I was rational here? LOL

  6. Crying - Did I mention the crying toddler across the hall? Nope, she hasn't stopped yet...

  7. Snoring - I think this is maybe what woke Becca up to begin with? Believe me, Ron's snoring could probably wake the whole neighborhood...

  8. Thoughts - I hate how when I finally lie down to go to sleep at night and all of a sudden 13,083 thoughts about what things I need to do, things I should've done, or things I did wrong all jump into my head at once.

  9. Chocolate - Hmm, could the handful of leftover Halloween candy that I ate earlier have anything to do with my state of awakefulness? Nah... :)

  10. Justification - Well, you know, 12:30 am isn't really all that late. If I went to sleep now, I could still get a full 6 hours in, so a few more minutes probably wouldn't hurt... At least that's what I keep telling myself to justify staying up late.

  11. Habit - Unfortunately, I do tend to have 'night owl' tendencies, which are hard to overcome, even though I know I should know better.

  12. Genetics - Well my whole family are night owls - mom, dad, brother... So it's really not my fault, right? :)

  13. Screaming - Ok, so it's been a half hour now and Becca's progressed from crying to screaming. I think I probably need to go check on her at least to make sure everything's ok. Which means that I'll be up for at least a little while yet.
Oh well - at least I made it to #13, so I'm off to post this and check on my little Becca-boo!

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12 wonderful people said...:

grace said...

Sometimes I envy night owls. I am dysfunctional beyond 10pm! Happy TT!

Nicholas said...

I'll always put off going to bed in order to do some writing.

Zenmomma said...

Poor Becca. I hope she's feeling calmer now.

Secret Agent Mama said...

When I become a night owl, I regret it in the morning! LOL Great list.

Wolfie said...

Oh..hope u can have an early nite tonite..

jenn said...

I do the "if I go to bed now, I get 7 hours of sleep" all the time! Then I end up staying awake another hour, then I'm tired in the never ends. At least I'm past the toddler years and crying babies, so I only have myself to blame for not sleeping!
Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

If you need some company late at night, let me know!

Happy TT, sleepyhead!

Emily at Mommin' It Up said...

Ha, I love the reasoning in number five :)

Believer in Balance said...

I seriously can't remember the last time I got a good night sleep! If one kid isn't up, another one is!

Patti said...

I'm definitely a night owl! Or was ... until I started having to get up at 5:00 a.m. Ugh! :) Happy Thursday!

Denise Patrick said...

Good luck getting some sleep. And, I hope Becca was only being fussy and that something serious wasn't wrong.

Happy TT!

Christine said...

Who's a night owl?? ME, raising my hand.
I hope Becca was able to go back to sleep.

Have a great TT!