Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Works For Me Wednesday #13 - Greeting card display

For years, whenever a holiday came around that involved anyone in our family getting cards of some sort, I would stand them all up on the top of our entertainment center for a week or two so that we could view and enjoy them.  This worked fairly well in several of the places that we lived and although the cards would sometimes fall over or get knocked down, I never thought much about it.

Until we moved into our current house. And the entertainment center was placed right next to our front door. In the winter, this wasn't a problem, but in the spring, summer and fall when we had the door open to let a nice breeze through the house, there were some unintended consequences as far as greeting card displaying went.

They blew over. They blew off the entertainment center onto the floor. I was constantly picking cards up and attempting to stand them back up - which was an interesting feat, especially once they got warped or bent (especially by little fingers when they oh so conveniently landed within reach). And then of course there were times when a card we received was odd-shaped or just wouldn't stand up on its own at all.  The silly things were driving me nuts! I thought about taping them to the wall (tacky! And not to mention sticky tape residue on my walls - yuck) or getting a bulletin board to tack them up on (but what to put on it during the weeks and months with no greeting cards to display?), but just couldn't find an option that I really liked.

Until I noticed the bulletin boards in some friends' houses. Ones that had ribbons criss-crossing them that would hold the items in place with no sharp tacks or pins involved. And that were themselves decorated with fabric so they looked nice even when empty. So I went hunting for one of my own. And last year, while Black Friday shopping, I found this:


It displays our greeting cards perfectly and matches our living room decor (such as it is anyway) when we have no cards to fill it with. I don't have to worry about the cards being knocked over or pushpins falling onto the floor.  And I can use it to display other things as well - the kids' artwork or photos. It's so easy to slide items in between the ribbons or pull them out when I want to change things up.  This bulletin board really works for me! :)

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5 wonderful people said...:

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Hmmmm.....Great idea! It's getting me thinking. We have a couple of bulletin boards, but the cat likes to steal the pushpins out and bat them around (ouch!) Maybe I just need to get some ribbon and alter them a bit. Right now they are all put away because of the cat, but I'd love to have them out!
Thanks for posting this!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Wonderful tip!


jennwa said...

I love that tip. Thanks.

Chappyswife said...

It looks nice. I have one that my mom gave me, & thanks to your reminder, I'll be hanging it today. Thanks for the tip!


That is a great idea. Maybe I should try this one too.