Sunday, September 16, 2007

Being 'random'

I've been tagged again for the 8 Random Facts about me - this time by Beth & Cory's Mom. I've done this before, but there's always more random-ness out there, so I thought I'd share a few more facts with you that you may not yet be aware of.

  1. I grew up with at least one dog in the house from the time I was born, yet I have no desire to ever have one in our house. I know I'll lose that battle, with two doggie fanatics (by the names of Hannah and Becca) but I hope to wait as long as possible before introducing another family member that I know I will ultimately be responsible for. Besides, I don't think it's fair when the poor thing would be home alone all day.

  2. I get 'stress' blisters on my hands and feet. I saw a dermatologist in the spring about this and was supposed to go back for a biopsy to determine what is causing them, but have yet to actually take the time off from work to do this. I really need to do this soon because they're driving me nuts and right now my left hand looks horrible. I hate admitting that.

  3. I love driving a minivan. I think it's because I'm short vertically challenged and I like being up higher than most of the rest of the traffic. My dream vehicle right now would be a Grand Caravan with the stow-and-go seats.

  4. I have a black thumb. No matter what I try I can't seem to keep plants alive. I either over-water or under-water, or have the plants in the wrong kind of soil... If I knew why I killed them, I could probably figure out how to keep them alive. Right now the mums I planted in our front yard are already starting to wither and droop.

  5. I've seen Les Miserables three times. Once in Toronto, once in St. Paul and once in Kalamazoo. I love going to the theatre but haven't been in years.

  6. I can't draw, despite the fact that art ability runs on both sides of my family (my dad, and my mom's sister are both artists). I'm hoping that one of my kids will have inherited this.

  7. I was always horrible at math. I only learned to add by keeping score for my dad's bowling leagues. I still subtract on my fingers a lot of the time. I'm hoping that none of my kids have inherited that!

  8. I realized today that I neglected to pass along the 'You Make Me Smile' award that I received twice this week. Oops! I won't tag anyone else for this meme, but if Michelle and Corey want to do it along with picking up this award that I'm now belatedly giving to them, feel free! :)

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4 wonderful people said...:

Anna said...

I like driving my mini van too. When I drive a car, I feel like I'm sitting on the ground. Jeffrey's new car has an adjustable driver's seat that raises up, so that helps a little. I raise the seat as far as it will go, and my head almost touches the ceiling of the car. But I can see the road!

childlife said...

Awwwww! Thanks Deb! You make me smile too! : ) (And I totally relate about the black thumb - got two of 'em!)

MomOf3 said...

I get very small blisters on my hands from stress too. It was diagnosed as eczema. I use a steroid cream when it flares up but not every day.

I love Les Mis! I have seen it 3 times too - once on Broadway - amazing musical!


Corey~living and loving said...

I am sorry it has taken me so long to accept this award. I can't wait to pass it on. I really needed this smile too. you are so wonderful!