Wednesday, September 5, 2007

One day down...

Wow, I tell you - school should've started months ago! My mornings have gotten way easier so I'm hoping this jump right out of bed thing keeps up. Abby and Hannah were ready to go 20 minutes ahead of time today and that's even with shoes and backpacks on. They went across the street to our neighbor's today - she's getting them on the bus for us, for now anyway. Hannah is very excited to be going over there with Abby this year - probably at least partially for the marshmallows that Abby scammed out of them every morning last year.

Becca was upset when we left the house this morning, crying and calling out "Aabbee!". I'm not sure if she was mad that the big girls weren't with us, or that she couldn't go with them... She was fine when I left her at daycare though. Oh yes, she's picked up a new word - "saacckk", which means "snack" which is what she says over and over whenever she's hungry and starts climbing into her seat.

Abby and Hannah both had great days yesterday although they were pretty sparse with the details. I did get that Hannah was a very good listener and they went to the gym. Abby had music class but she didn't like it - I'm still not quite sure why since she loved it last year. They both like their teachers but Abby was sad that some kids got candy and she didn't - I'm not sure what's up with that one either. It's frustrating to only get half the story, but neither of them have ever volunteered much information and it's hard to play 20 questions when you have to know the right 'yes' and 'no' questions to ask!

And Hannah stayed dry yesterday - all day! I'm hoping for luck with that today. Maybe she's just been bored... Or maybe she realizes that wetting her pants at school is a big no-no. We'll see.

I managed to remember my lunch today! Although I did forget the granola bar that I was going to bring for breakfast. It's a co-workers birthday though and she brought in treats, so all's good. :)

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~Amber~ said...

I hope them hoping out of bed continues as well!! Poor Becca wants to be like her big sisters! Awesome about the yummy treats!