Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday #8 - Me

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

In addition, to the usual soccer practice tonight (and no other scheduled activities for once!), I am tackling something different today.


I've been so tired and run down lately - last night I fell asleep on the couch (yet again), woke up at 2am and went to bed, slept until 6:30am and still felt tired and rotten when I woke up this morning.

So I called in sick to work and am taking an 'at home' day. And since the kids are still at school and daycare (since we pay for it anyway), I am at home by myself.

I can't remember the last time I had a day by myself at home. I am giddy just thinking about everything I want to do. And everything I should do. And what will I actually do?

Well, now that I've caught up on all of the blog reading I missed out on by sleeping through yesterday evening, I'm going to take yet another nap (after I take care of some blogging housekeeping). And if I feel up to it, I may tackle some of the things around the house that need doing.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'll just sit in front of the tv and veg out all day. Or actually work on some of the crocheting or scrapbooking projects I've had sitting around for ages. Or spend some non-guilt-inducing time on the internet. Whatever I do, I'm going to enjoy today because it won't happen again for a long, long time.

What are you tackling this week? And check out other Tackle It Tuesday posts over at 5 Minutes for Mom!

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9 wonderful people said...:

~Amber~ said...

Forget the housework...have a YOU day...you deserve it! Spend all day vegging out with some yummy snacks!!!!!

Zen Master said...

Have a great day to yourself! Those are rare and very valuable. lol

Char said...

I do LOVE a Me day. They are so rare and few, so enjoy it!

Shana said...

Yah, for you! Enjoy your day!!!

Beckaboo said...

What a wonderful tackle!!

Hmmm... Maybe that'll be mine next week. *wink*

Blessings, Beckie :o)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Yeah, I agree, forget the housework and projects. Just chill. Grab a bowl of ice cream for lunch and veg. Refresh. Be rejuvinated. Because tomorrow it starts all over again!

Laura P said...

It's kinda funny you post this because I was thinking of doing the same this afternoon! Anyway, enjoy your alone time and don't worry about stuff around the house.

Donetta said...

I am so happy that you are tackling just taking care of your self. That can really be a hard job! :)

kate's mom said...

Such a great idea... I am going to have to do that soon! Hope you had a great day.