Friday, September 14, 2007

Random mind-wanderings

It's Friday, what can I say? My thoughts seem to be scattered all over. Here are some things that have run through my mind (and camera) this week:

If you are going to write with sidewalk chalk on something that you're not supposed to be writing on, one tip might be to not sign your name...

Can't see it? There's a H...N..N...H on the arm of the bench on our front porch. Thank you so much for signing your handiwork, Miss Hannah!

Here's a very intent colorer. Is colorer even a word? Or maybe it should be here's a little girl very intent on her coloring. Either way, boy do I love Crayola's Color Wonder markers - they were made with my little "I wanna do everything big sisters do especially coloring with cool markers instead of those little baby crayons" girl in mind, I think.

Here's what happens when I discover that I have my camera in the diaper bag while we're grocery shopping and we're stuck outside the restroom waiting for one of my children for what seems like hours. The child in question is, of course, the one not featured in any of these photos, LOL.

And don't you just love Hannah's getup there? She insisted on wearing her entire soccer uniform, down to the shinguard socks, the entire day after her soccer was over last Saturday. And of course the footwear selection for this ensemble wouldn't be complete without the Strawberry Shortcake sandals. Over the shinguard socks. Stylin', huh!

And now, the many faces of Becca:

"Phew, all of that posing just plumb tuckered me out!"

Ok, that's it - all I've got for a Friday afternoon. I'm getting out tonight (if Ron makes it home at a decent hour anyway) with my friend Kristi for some non-kid involved walking around the mall and she suggested that Diet Pepsi and cookies may be involved as well. Sounds wonderful to me! More soccer tomorrow and a family get-together with Ron's family on Sunday, so a fairly busy weekend ahead. Have a great one!

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4 wonderful people said...:

~Amber~ said...

Cute pics! I need to get some of those color wonder markers for Victoria..she is the same way, always crying cause she wants the big girl markers! Thanks for the idea Deb! HUGS!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ok, what if Abby did the sidewalk chalk on the bench but signed Hannah's name? Hmmm....wouldn't THAT be interesting?

And what's this? Sandals over tube socks aren't fashionable? I need get a new look!

Bananas said...

Love the pictures. CJ has taken to writing on VERY NAUGHTY surfaces with VERY PERMENANT marker. Bad CJ! and bad MOMMY for leaving the markers out to begin with!

Eva said...

They are so beautiful! Love the self-chosen outfit.