Saturday, September 15, 2007

"The orange one tastes yucky "

Apparently it's fun to put markers in your mouth and then chew on your shirt afterward.

I have no idea why.

It seems that all of the colors taste good - except the orange markers. They taste yucky.

I think I could have lived the rest of my life without ever needing to know that fact. And if I ever do, for some reason, need to know that the orange markers taste yucky, I don't ever want to have to explain how I know that.

Sigh. :)

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3 wonderful people said...:

Laura P said...

Too Funny! Deb, there is an award waiting for you at my blog. Check it out!

Jean said...

Im write there with you on atleast a kid chewing on his school shirts. He only seems to do this on collared shirts. Drives me insane!

Summer said...

Obi-Wan chews on his shirts all the time. It drives me crazy!