Friday, September 7, 2007

Things I learned about my kids this morning

I've been trying to think of something to write on the topic of "learning" for Scribbit's September Write-Away Contest. And not having much luck so far. Nothing had come to me and every idea I had sounded either dumb, boring or cliche. I stood in the shower this morning (usually my best time to think!) and ran a few ideas through my head, but none of them really worked for me.

As I sat in the living room brushing and doing the girls' hair while they watched tv, I realized that they've been in school for 3 full days now. Surely that's been enough time where they'll have learned - something. Right? Maybe I could get an idea or two from them.

Or not. My kids are not terribly forthcoming to begin with about the details of their days and this morning wasn't really an exception.

Abby has learned something, but she can't remember what.

Hannah has learned about music class and gym. And that they say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning. Apparently that's all they've covered so far this year.

I learned a few things this morning though.

It seems that watching the Wiggles turns off all other brain cells. Who knew?

Becca is destined to become a beautician. As I did Abby's and Hannah's hair, she stood on the couch behind me and 'brushed' mine, stopping every minute or two to peer around at me and ask, "s'ok?" and grin. Then she went back to 'brushing'.

The Disney Channel has switched from "This is Emily Yeung" between the Wiggles and Higglytown Heroes back to "This is Daniel Cook". I liked Emily and I miss her cute smile in the mornings.

It takes exactly 9 times of me asking Abby to go and put her glasses on before she actually will leave the room, meander to her bedroom and return 5 minutes later with 3 toys and no glasses.

If you make a house out of throw pillows for the cat and actually do manage to put the cat into it, it takes exactly 45 seconds for the cat to knock the entire thing down to get back out.

Apparently the world will end if Becca cannot take one blankie, her stuffed doggie and her stuffed Pablo (from the Backyardigans - and it's actually Hannah's, but it's been appropriated by a certain little sister) with her in the van to daycare. However, it is possible to distract her enough to leave the blankie in the van and sneak Pablo away and back into the van as I leave daycare. Keeping track of one stuffed animal is hard enough for our daycare provider, much less an entire menagerie, and I can just see this one getting larger and larger if we let it. :)

It's the fourth day of school and things are still new and exciting enough that my kids are actually out the door in the mornings on time and without (much) prodding from me.

When it's raining, you must wear your jacket zipped to the top and with the hood up, even if it's 99 thousand degrees outside and muggy. Because otherwise you will melt. I'm assuming, anyway, based on the reaction I got when I suggested to Hannah that she didn't necessarily need the jacket.

If you tell Mommy that no cars are coming when you're waiting to cross the street, it must be true even with 3 cars in sight. (This is why my kids are not allowed to cross the street without permission!)

I also learned that if I stop rushing so much in the mornings and actually take the time to notice what's going on, I can learn new things about my kids.

Every day.

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7 wonderful people said...:

Scribbit said...

Yes, I've learned that 30 seconds of frantic, screaming rushing out the door isn't worth the 2 seconds of time it might save. It's taken me a while to learn this but I've finally got it.

childlife said...

Deb - You had me giggling through this whole post : ) Especially the Wiggles reference! They have been banned from our abode due to the brain cells issue - My husband refers to them as 'The Cult of Primary Colors and Repetitive Song' : )

kailani said...

I really need to slow down and let my kids teach me things, too. I bet it's amazing what I could learn!

Christine said...

Cute post Deb. I don't know what it is about the Wiggles either, they just make you want to get up and well, Wiggle!LOL!

Now I've got 'Fruit Salad, Yummy, yummy!' stuck in my head!

I'm always in amazement at the things I learn from my kids. They are whizzes on the computer, and I'm finding how tech challanged I really am.

I can't wait to read all the other submissions, this is a wonderful prompt. I'm thinking about what to write for mine.

~Amber~ said...

Heehee! I love Becca brushing your hair! And I love reading your blog. I miss you :(

Anonymous said...

You are so funny and so right. I often find when I stop rushing, stressing and yelling I can actually sit back and enjoy and watch some really beautiful interactions between the girls. Listening to them have nice converstions about their days, I learn so much more, and it brings them closer. A very good point.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Ah, yes. Mike has parents come to the office wanting their kid's hearing tested. They say, "when he's watching TV or playing video games, he never hears what I say."

REALLY? Guess what, when he grows up and is watching the game, he won't be able to hear his wife either!!!!

p.s. Thankfully my kids were too old for the Wiggles when they arrived on the scene. Unfortunately, Barney was the one we dreaded.