Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To sell or not to sell

It's that time again.

Along with the beginning of the school year comes something else, that I'd forgotten about.

The fund-raisers.

And this year I have to deal with them for both Abby and Hannah. Selling the exact same things this time since they now go to the same school.

I'm all for helping to support the school and the PTO. But... I hate pushing things on people, and that's what I feel like we're doing with these darn fund-raisers.

Ron's already said he won't take them to work - the guys he works with are not the kind who would be interested in buying subs, cookie dough, popcorn or flowers. At least according to him.

I don't know if I feel comfortable hitting up the people at my work either. Last year I'd been here less than a month when we got hit with the fund-raisers and I didn't know anyone well enough to ask. I do know a few people better this year, but they're probably already buying things from their own kids or grandkids. Maybe I'll leave a packet out on the table in the break room and see if anyone bites. That's about the extent of my 'salesmanship'. Or is that 'saleswomanship'?

I think I'll mention it to family and friends but let them make the challenging decision of which girl to buy from. It will, of course, become a competition between the two of them like everything else has lately. Hmm, that might be a way to drive up sales... :)

What do you do with your kids' fund-raisers?

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10 wonderful people said...:

Summer said...

I hate feeling like I'm pushing things on people, too.

we are reilly said...

I actually LOVE to buy things from the children when they get back in school...I actually look forward to it!

This being said, I don't have a school-aged child yet, so I don't know the 'other side'.

I don't always buy things from the catalogs when people bring them to work -- I think it's less pressure when a co-worker brings a catalogue to work....I don't have to say "no" to a child....I just don't sign up to buy anything. If the child was there asking, I would feel pressured to buy....

maybe that will make it easier?

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I hate pushing things on people. And I hate buying that stuff because most of the time it's overpriced crap!
We usually don't buy anything from kids who come to our door. Unless it's boy scout popcorn. And dh gets hit up for girl scout cookies at work.
And once I bought the cookie dough from one of KT's ballet classmates---and none of it ever got cooked. Oh, it got EATEN, it just never got COOKED! ;)
I don't like how the schools make it a big competition between students and classrooms.
Then again, we don't deal with ANY of this stuff. :)

Midwest Mommy said...

I was a teacher and how hard was it when parents would bring their kids to you after school to try and sell! After the 10th student it gets ridiculous!

melody is slurping life said...

Hmmmm, we homeschool. Maybe I'll begin my own fund raiser. ;)

I remember these with my oldest son and I was never good with them as a parent. As a kid I did great with fund raisers.

People either hate or love to buy from them.

stephanie said...

As PTA president + mom of 2 at the school + teacher, I feel ya. Last year we only sold coupon books that everyone loves & looks forward to, then had an auction with the community involved. We raised a fair amount that way and let everyone off the hook of crappy products & crappy non-prizes. This year we're adding a couple of local, good food companies (no prizes involved) but we always encourage people to return the fundraiser forms if they don't want to participate. With that in mind, many families send the forms back with a cash donation to support the school but opt out of the craziness that may ensue with multiple kids involved in the sale...I hope your PTO is not guilt-inducing; do what feels good for your family!

Happy House Quilts said...

first let me say...I really like tory amos too! Then...I also have 3 girls, 7,5, and 15 months...
Yesterday the notice came home about allowing the fund raiser packet to be sent home...i did not send it back...i too will have 2 kids with identical fund raisers and I too, want to support the pta...but this summer i volunteered my time at a summer town (old home day) fair and also donated several items for a silent auction. The school has hundreds of children...not many parents offered help. I guess it's the 80-20 rule...20% of the people carry the other 80%. I think i'll just mail a check at some point this fall as a donation. Fund raisers stink when you are forced to do them. just my .o2 cents. Thanks for visiting my blog! Jodi

Shana said...

I hate pushing this stuff on people to. My parents wouldn't let my brother and I sell. In the 6th grade we went to camp and it cost $150.00, we had something like 3 fund raisers to help cover the cost. My dad said "I will just pay the money out right"

Now at Caleb's school the PTO has came up with a great idea. They have a "Read-a-thon". The kids gets sponsored to read books. They can donate a flat $ amount or per book. It works out great and the the money goes 100% to the PTO. :o)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I like the idea of the auction and coupon books - I wish our PTO meetings were at a convenient time that I could go to instead of in the mornings. I'd love to get involved, but they don't make it very easy.

I wish they would ask before just sending the information home, it's great that some of your schools are doing that! I don't mind donating either money or supplies, but having to go through all the hoopla with these fund-raisers isn't fun.

Karen - that's exactly what would happen to cookie dough if I bought any... ;)

Thanks for your input everyone!! :)

~Amber~ said...

I make Maddy call all the relatives and tell them about it...hard to resist a sweet little girl. Or I take her to Andrew's work and have her ask people there!! Good thing about having kids, you don't have to sell stuff!