Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Heads or Tails #3 - First Day of School

This week's theme is school. Which is quite timely and works out perfectly for me since today is my kids' first day at school! So here's how our morning went, complete with photos of our big First Grade girl (Abby) and our big Young 5's girl (Hannah). And one little girl who wanted to be in on the excitement as well. LOL

Abby was ready for bed at 6pm last night - she was so excited for today to come. She came into our room at 6:15 am and woke me up to ask me if it was morning yet. I made her lie down with me for 10 more minutes. She was dressed, had eaten and was ready to go by 6:45 am. Then she got to wait around for another hour.

Hannah was excited too - a bit more reserved than Abby, but that's not saying much! She got out of bed right away and also got dressed and was ready to go way before time. I hope this keeps up - it was the easiest morning I've had with them in months. LOL

Becca just wanted to play with the backpacks...

And she had to stand by the front door for her turn at a 'first day of school' photo too, just like the big girls...
Ok, ok - so this is not a post about Becca! But I had to share those because they were too darn cute.

We finally headed out to the bus stop - right at the corner outside our house. We were a tad early since we ended up waiting about 10 minutes for the other kids to show. Oops. We passed the time by taking some more photos.

(Look closely in the middle, LOL!)

I couldn't resist adding this one - Ron took it while we were out at the bus stop. Ok - so no more Becca pictures, I promise! Just the big girls and school stuff.

The bus finally came and Abby was up the steps like a blur. She did stop briefly enough for us to get a quick picture:
And another with Hannah:
Hannah had a rough moment when the time came to actually get on the bus. So I walked on with her and made sure that she found a seat right with Abby.

She was fine after that. After the bus left, I quickly ran Becca to daycare - very strange to only have one child with me in the van! Abby and Hannah's bus was actually stopped at the school across the street from daycare when I was there, dropping some kids off, so I got to wave to them again. Then I took off to their school to wait for the bus to get there.

Ron got pictures of the girls coming off the bus, but they look exactly the same as the ones of them getting on, so I won't bother to add those.

They did stop and pose by the school sign on the way in:

They knew right where their classrooms were so were miles ahead of us as we went into the school. Abby saw a friend from last year right away and disappeared into her classroom without even a look back. Not being able to be in two places at once, I helped Hannah find the hook with her name on it to hang up her backpack and then Ron and I walked her into her room and found her seat. She looked so small but proud sitting there!

Then I headed over to Abby's classroom and found her sitting in her new desk, next to her friend. Wow, was that strange to see. It's her first time with an actual desk of her own. She was already hard at work coloring the picture the teacher had put there for her.

So that's it! They made it all safe and sound. And I'll find out tonight how their days went. In all the excitement, we forgot to have Hannah go potty when we got there and I forgot to mention her potty issues to her teacher (oops), so I'm going to e-mail her and give her a heads-up. I'm just hoping that Hannah is staying dry today.

Check out other Heads or Tails posts over at Skittles' Place! And I'm going to post my Tuesday tackle later on with all of the other things we have to do today...

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8 wonderful people said...:

Skittles said...

I love how you added the photos to highlight parts of this post! Your girls are all beauties.. but I think Hannah may be a model, judging by her pose where she's looking over her shoulder!

I just got off the phone with my daughter to talk about grandson's first morning. She said he walked into the kindergarten room and told her he was fine and she could go now.

She was proud of him, but also a bit sad. I'm sure you know what she meant.

Rambler said...

I thought kids cry on the first day back to school, even now, I am almost in the mood to cry every monday on way to work after a weekend :)

So whens Becca starting? :)

~Amber~ said...

Great pics!!! They are growing so fast!!! HUGS!

Smalltown RN said...

wow that is great...from the time they got up to the time they left and at school...you know you are going to treasure those photos as they will too when they are older....cheers...and I hope they had a fantastic day...

tegdirb92 said...

what wonderful photos. It will be nice in a few years to look back on those :) Beautiful family. Have a wonderful school year!!

Summer said...

Your girls are just so cute! I love their pink back packs!

Tammy said...

I love the photos! Your girls are sweet and the baby is just precious! My son is 2 and he loves to wear his sisters back pack too.

meeyauw said...

Your post flooded me with memories of all of my "first days" and then of my own children's "first days." First days now are such a jumble of emotions: the end of summer, the excitement of the material I'm going to teach. But your post? I could even smell the first day smell!